Rocket League: Mudspikers


@adlabs6. This is for you.


It’s a shame they didn’t include at least a few Mr. Potato head style hats and stuff to snap on top of the cars.


I love if they did a run of the diecast cars using the rocket league designs.


A couple of us are playing now. Join up, Spartak Mudspike.


Some great fun last night. We matched with/against some awesome players.


Boardgames last night, sorry to miss.



Yep, should be fun!

And GG to LB, I was matched with him in a game tonight. I couldn’t get to my keyboard in time, but sent a “Nice Shot!” greeting.

Too bad I was on a losing streak tonight… ouch!


I’m on for a bit of RL tonight, starting in 5 or so minutes.


Yeah, folks. 50% at Steam. Just buy it and come and play with us already.


Who’s up for some Rocket League tonight? @Rhinosaurus @adlabs6 @Andrew116 @boomerang10 @fearlessfrog

@Rhinosaurus time to put Destiny 2 on the shelf for a couple of hours and play with us again.


Curling tonight. Probably won’t make it. Sorry.


I can play. What’s a good time?


I don’t play RL, but I was visiting a client yesterday and it turns out her son is some sort of celebrity. Cameron ‘Kronovi’ Bills.


Not a bad prize pool so far. I used to cut lawns at that age. :wink:


She said that he drives a BMW. Hopefully he’s putting some away for college.


In 5 or 10 minutes, I’ll be on for some play this evening.


Good play tonight, everyone. Thanks!

I think I need to take a few weeks break from RL, then come back to it fresh.



Increased XP/second in Casual and Competitive Playlists by 40%
Increased Win Bonus from 50 to 100
Increased Weekly Win Bonus from two matches per day to three per day
    Weekly maximum has increased from 14 matches to 21 matches
A limited number of points are now awarded for each ball hit
    You earn two points per touch
    Points earned per touch limited to one touch per second
Players who have not met the minimum point threshold needed to earn XP will now see a notification on the End Match screen


Had fun last night, sorry I had to bail a couple times to take phone calls.

Hoping to play a couple more times this week as I’m in CST and should have some time available.