Rolling / swirling chair and rudder


If you use a rolling/ swirling chair, how do you fix it so that it does not swirl or roll away when you step on your rudder? I used to use a long arm to connect my chair to the stand where my rudder is. But wondering if there’s better solutions that are more elegant and also flexible (easy to attach and detach). Didn’t see any fixes visible in the virtual pit build posts.


I made a floor plate that I mounted the rudder pedals to. Then I made a hole in the plate, large enough for one of the chair wheels to fit inside.
The chair rotation is harder to fix…


changed the chair!:sunglasses:


A packaging foam block under a wheel and fixed rudders.


I haven’t noticed major issues with CH pedals, maybe if I had pedals that needed more torque but with the CH ones I don’t usually have an issue. A little bit of chair drift here and there, but mostly just in the swivel joint and not enough to be a big issue.


Not really an issue with Crosswinds either unless you get overly enthusiastic with your rudder input.


A rolled up blanket under the chair. swivveling is no problem, rolling is imo.


I use the VKB Pedals. They get depressed down to the ground. Yes, it‘s not authentic, but I don‘t mind and my svivel chair stays in place perfectly.

They have no toe brakes. That can be a hassle in some planes.


I had done the same as @Troll described, back before I had moved.

The new house I have my pedals sitting directly on the concrete floor, with a couple Tapcon screws acting as pins to hold them in place. Behind that there is an area rug which my chair ends up sitting on - with the carpet the chair stays in place. So you could give a small area rug a try, just to impede the casters a bit.


Thanks, everyone! I guess folks who do not need to do anything must have pretty thick carpet. Thought about cutting a hole like Troll and Wes’ set up. May just use a roll-up carpet.


On Amazon I got coasters to replace the wheels in my chair. Unless you find a way to anchor your pedals u will always be uncomfortable. I made a square base w 2 x4 wood. Extremely simple. Then rested that against the wall under my desk. I put a spacer to keep the brakes off the wall. It was a piece of 2 x 4. Easy peasy!!


I replaced the wheels with wooden blocks and cut out between my legs for a centre mounted cyclic. I then replaced the chair :grinning:


The solution is (as always) just 20.000 Dollars away.


Actually, I did purchase an airliner pilots seat for much cheaper…not inexpensive mind you, just not $20K

Or you can go to a furniture store / office store / maybe hardware store and purchase little rubber things–like a very flat / thin/square cup– that they put under furniture legs to keep them from sliding/marking a hard floor. Less that $5 probably.


But the chair will still swivel. And you loose all the ejection functions…


I used an old leather 4x4 seat mounted on a box before marriage made me get rid of it. Best computer chair I ever had and 15£ from a scrap yard.


Not tried this myself but i hear that a few beat up tennis balls will fit nicely over the wheels when cut open. You would need at least 3 for stability, i suppose. Again, doesn’t deal with swivel.


…or just two if you want to rock around as the flack / SAMs explode near your aircraft! I’m going to try that. :slightly_smiling_face: