RotorX Helicopter Build Thread

Now it really looks like a helicopter!
Glad that you fixed the seat/body issue and are enjoying the build again.

You couldn’t help it to leave us on a cliffhanger, could you?


Man, that thing looks cool as hell. Way to go Eric!


Hopefully @Art will post an update of his. He is quite a ways ahead of me. What you see above is mostly panels resting or clamped down. He has finished all the holes and much of the fastening, plus the doors. And I agree. The lines are terrific. The Guimbal might be a bit more modern-looking, especially with the fenestron TR. But it is arguably the only competition for overall nice lines within our small sub-set of light piston helicopters.


Going to be a bit rough to see in front of you @smokinhole.

Are you going to put rear view mirrors on it or do you need to hang your head outside to see behind you too. :upside_down_face:



jim carrey deal with it GIF


Do you ever take a step away, look at it and say “damn, I am really building a helicopter!?”

It is kinda mind-boggling to me every time you post a pic, and I love it!


No. Nothing nearly so confident. I see 1) Great gods! I did such a horrible job with x! How am I going to fix that? Or 2) This is nowhere near a helicopter!

But then I go to YouTube and see them flying and think, “Yeah, those old guys can’t be THAT much smarter than me. They did it.”

I wish I had the confidence to actually see a helicopter. But I see only the next big hurdle. The thing that causes me stress. @Art just today replied to a text with a warning to reach out before getting too much further. The Construction Manual and videos fail to show some important aspects that must be done right to complete the next steps. So there is a community. And, for me, this build would be very unlikely without it. I am no @Troll. In fact, many Mudspikers probably have the DIY skills to better prepare them for this sort of task. I am winging it (so to speak). It is cool though. If you save a bit of money and are willing to put in some time there are kits available that will let you achieve any dream, including flying a jet! I used to think I was born two generations too late. An earlier life would have let me fly Camels or Spitfires or Loaches. But who am I kidding! I wouldn’t have lasted two weeks at any of those jobs. For someone like me who loves flying machines and loves the simulation of those machines almost as much; these are the best of times.

The protective film on the canopy comes off after the fiberglass edging is complete and painted.


But where will the miniguns and FFAR rocket pods mount?

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

Beautiful work smokinhole. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride!


I am slowly moving along. Spent a lot of time on the doors. They are finally done except for some bondo and sanding. (warm weather work) I moved on to the comfort controls. Made the diverter valve and mounted the air scoop. Cut the hole for the air scoop on bottom of tub and put the slots in. Not sure about the routing of the hoses so I’ll just wait to make sure they don’t interfere with anything. Eric’s body fits awesome! Wish mine had fit that good. I think I have enough parts to go to section 10 in the construction manual and start on the controls. (Have a lot of parts back ordered). On to the good stuff…!!


Yes, I know…I have some extra holes to fill…


The air intake for the cabin…