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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (GTX 1800) would launch on May 27th, which is just 4 days before Computex, allowing AIB partners to show their cards at the event. The problem about the date is that it’s not Tuesday or Thursday and I don’t remember NVIDIA releasing anything on Friday.


Might also add this. The GDDR5 memory by Samsung


Wonder if that will drop the 980Ti cards out of the $620 range? I’ve been holding off upgrading…hoping to catch those on the price retreat…

I’d stay away from the 900 series and wait for the cheap end of the new cards. It’s either going to beat the crap out of the 980 or be close enough, but cheap, instead.


Two more months wait.,can’t wait to do switch-a-ru with my 770gtx.

Yeah…I’m currently running a GTX760…so I too am anxious to upgrade to something. Though I must say, DCS World is working fine on my current setup. The only game I’d probably really benefit from an upgrade with would be X-Plane…which can be a real resource hog…

I have oculus on order and it needs latest and greatest…unfortunately it seems I’ll have first before second.

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Sounds about right for this time of year, it will be expensive though I imagine.

What monitor (and how many) and resolutions are you using Beach?

I’m running two ViewSonic VA2703 27" LED (1920 x 1080)…but I don’t really need to drive both when gaming, just one. I only use the second monitor for writing, normal daily stuff, but for gaming I only use the one that is on front of me…

A 980 would be more than fine, the 970 has some crippled memory, cant remember the details? it will show up on a Google search though, still a fine card though.

I dont think the prices of older cards will drop too much with the advent of a new one from Nvidia and afore you know it they will be sold and phased out quite fast.

I’m lucky enough to have a GTX980 SC 4GB and a GTX980 Titan X 12GB in this main machine and nothing taxes them at 2560x1600 and 3440x1440 res.

This new card sounds exciting though and I really cant justify one, but if I was in the market I’d wait maybe 3 months after its release, they will release a Ti or X version about then, Nvidia like to drip feed us with releases it seems :slight_smile:

And we’ve had some new info

01:34PM EDT - 170TF FP16 in a box. 8 P100s in a hybrid cube mesh

01:34PM EDT - A full deep learning rackmount server


01:33PM EDT - But if it’s 600mm2 for just the die, that’s a huge jump in the size of dies being produced on 16nm/14nm TSMC/Samsung FinFET

01:33PM EDT - Need to get confirmation on whether 600mm2 is just the GPU die, or if they’re counting other parts as well

01:32PM EDT - “We’ll ship it… soon”

01:32PM EDT - P100 servers coming in Q’17

01:31PM EDT - P100 in volume production today

01:30PM EDT - NV wanted new algorithms to take advantage of the hardware

01:29PM EDT - Recapping NVLink. 5x the aggregate speed of PCIe 3.0

01:29PM EDT - “TSMC CoWoS® (Chip-On-Wafer-On-Substrate) services use Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology to integrate multiple chips into a single device. This architecture provides higher density interconnects, decreases global interconnect length, and lightens associated RC loading resulting in enhanced performance and reduced power consumption on a smaller form factor.”

01:28PM EDT - Chip on Wafer on Substrate, the largest such chip ever made

01:28PM EDT - Er, 600mm^2 !!!

01:27PM EDT - 500mm^2 !!!

New image of the new nvidia card leaked


Wow. It looks pretty hot.

That looks like a Transformer.

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That left edge looks like it’d be an effective ice scraper too. And the heat thrown off by the cooling fan can probably thaw frozen locks. Looks like a win/win for our northern PC enthusiasts…


Nvidia GTX 1080 Die Pictured - Will not be using HBM

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Reveal Reportedly Set On The Same Day As ‘Battlefield 5’; May 6th

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And here it seems we have the first benchmark of the 1080 card. Not sure how legitimate this is