Rumor mill - Nvidia

Only a 15% jump over the 980ti then? I guess the 1080ti will have more umph though.

Be cool to see how AMD/Polaris does.

For me its gonna be a massive jump either way. I’ll be upgrading from GTX 760 :wink:

In the exact same boat. GTX 760 here. Been waiting to figure out what to do…I don’t need bleeding edge, but would like something that will run nicely for a couple years at least…

GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards for $599 US. Well ■■■■.

GTX 1070 for $379 though, which when compared to a Titan X is a good deal.

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You add those prices with 200 - 400 and you get Norwegian retail. :sob:

Supposedly they are going to be keenly priced for a new release in UK, wont be a day one buyer for this release though, but maybe once the inevitable GTX1080 Ti and Titan models are out later in the year i can maybe think on one, it will be the same upgrade situation this time next year though :slight_smile: and the years fly in quicker now as we get older for sure, heh.

I’ve a spare GTX680 2GB here or was it 3GB?, wonder what its worth now?

That feeling where your current card doesn’t even make the bottom of the list…

I either buy the 1070 and/or wait for HBM 2.0 nvidia card

Oh…I dunno…my card is so good it is OFF THE CHARTS good…!!! Woohoo…


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Got some actual numbers now

Then we have our first specs on the 1070

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More on the 1070

Now revealing 1060

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Man, I love this guy. Very much ‘sit to the end’ video.

Seems we have more leaks. Take this with a bag of salt for now:

GTX 1080Ti Founders Edition: $849
GTX 1080Ti Reference: $799
GTX Titan: $999 (Only comes as Founders Edition)

Source: Chiphell

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So if I get a Founder’s Edition - does it come with my name engraved on a plate that nobody will ever see?

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No, Founders Edition is PR for Reference Card. Its the cards that Asus, EVGA and MSI gets to churn out their own custom stuff on. And it turns out that Nvidia’s 1080 “Founders Edition” is horrible. Not only is the fan on it insufficient to cool it down. There is also a voltage lock on it. So you can’t really clock it up either. The card throttles a lot, which is not something you want in a graphics card, at all. I’m not sure of the other Nvidia founders editions are, but I would stay away from them, until they are thoroughly reviewed