Russian Naval Aviation

They have the planes down, getting them on to the ship is another matter. That Su-33 is impressive though.


Gorgeous planes. Though the SU-25’s look ungainly for carrier ops

Holy ■■■■, that first bounce on the 25, I am amazed only one of the sliding members collapsed on that strut, that’s some proper engineering.

Yeah, that was a pretty darn hard landing!

All of that looked pretty darn terrifying. Makes you wonder how they’d fare in true blue water ops where there are some heavy seas. It doesn’t really look like the Kuznetsov has a ton of freeboard above even calm waters. With the bow plunging I’d imagine those ops could get even more exciting…

And yes - I really, really wish I could have an Su-25UTG to bring aboard the carrier… Sigh…

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Boy the Alpha of those things! :fearful:

EDIT: Ok I wrote that part before finishing the whole thing. Holeeeshoot. That guy with BRAKES ON! that still made it off the boat and FLEW?! Colour me impressed.

Still, to see so many accident all together really gives a bad impression.
I guess though, that sort of stuff just happens…

Those brakes are less effective then you’d expect, just try them in the T and A version. Especially the A, that thing just wants to fly all the time.

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Love me some Su-33’s but that was nail biting lol

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Sure, the fact that they left those huuuuge skidmarks (ehhehehuhuhahauhueh- erhm) means that the traction they had was much less than the brakes stopping power…

Short Take Off Distance + Brakes + Actuallyonafrakkingboat = a whole lot of Pucker factor.