Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



I think wherever Iribe ends up is where the PC crowd will eventually follow. I don’t think he is done with VR yet and we might see a new company out of this. Oculus is done to me for at least a couple years, they would have announced this Rift 1.5 thing at Oculus Connect if they cared. Anything they say after Oculus Connect is just damage control. My CV1 isn’t good enough for me to use for another 2-3 years and I don’t want to wait another 6 months or year for their 1.5 Rift. Moving to Vive Pro or Pimax costs way too much so the best option is the Odyssey+ to hold me over until the next generation. I think Samsung didn’t plan for this and are probably caught by surprise with the sudden interest in their headset. They’re probably wishing they had spent more R&D into comfort but I bet they’re re-evaluating how important VR is to them now.


Another review in:


I know I did.
But I guess we all got that from how monitor development worked. They have had a long development cycle of bigger and better screens.

But increasing the resolution of VR headsets seems to be different. They all had, more or less, maxed out resolution from the get go. We simply don’t have the power to run any higher resolution. So either CPU and GPU developers need to get creative. Or VR need new tech, like eye tracking and selective rendering techniques.
Until then, all we get are slightly better screens, like the ones we see in VR 1.5 headsets like Vive Pro and SO(+) and probably the next Oculus offering.


Hey, just a thing… If anyone is not that happy anymore with their Oculus, I’ll gladly offer to take it off their hands for a fair price. :smiley:


Another real nice user review…


I see some people are complaining about comfort.
It must be hard for VR developers to get this right, without making it too cumbersome.
The light pollution issue can’t be that hard to fix?
Gimme a roll of ductape! :wink:

The screens get a lot of attention. Seems like users agree that the new screen makes it worth the investment.


If there is light leakage then maybe there is a nose gap similar to that on the Rift. I see that as an advantage as it allows you to peek down at the keyboard if you need to.


There is no nose gap
Afor the Odyssey 1, light is coming mostly from the sides on my head

EDIT: Oh yeah, the O+ had changed the nose guards so don’t extrapolate


In the Odyssey Plus it looks like they redesigned and removed the nose ‘blinder’ things. Plus no more ‘pleather’ cushions. I wonder how many of these comfort things could be solved by a 3rd party seat plate or something. I’ve read that people can use things like a Rift removable cushion on the Plus and it works ok.

Good comparison on design changes here (click through for compare tool, with Plus on right):

I think my head is all normal shaped, but I guess we’ll have to see. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m seeing some references in those reviews to a third party vendor that must sell some sort of padding or comfort kit. I’ll be interested to see what kinds of “mods” we see given all of the complaining (I’m still hoping I’m the Samsung protoypical user)…


The irony about the SO1 nose grommet is that all you have to do is fold the flaps up inside the gaps along the edge and the fit becomes about perfect. But the little gap that the CV1 has is actually nice to peek at the keyboard as someone has already mentioned.


Another more critical review of the + where the reviewer is electing to return the +…for the issues we’ve been hearing about for the past week:


PS - does anyone know what the acronym “OG” means when people are referring to the original Odyssey? I mean OriGinal?


Yep -


I’m so old.


You’re an original gangster. :wink:


BeachAV8R-OG…new name…


I bet VR Cover will make new padding for the SO+
I have their OR padding, and new face frame. It’s really good.


Another good review from a Rift user. Interesting that he found it more comfortable than the Rift…


Just goes to show…
Comfort is subjective, and no two heads are the same.
I still think I can fix the light pollution issue, with ductape. :wink: