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DCS Settings screen ‘enable mouse in VR’ ticked on?


yes when I take head set off it moves around fine when I put it back on it stops and ask if I want desktop instead of HMD click windows key + y


Ha, I was going to reply that if you’ve worn solidified ear gel David Clamps for 3 hours straight, you can wear anything.


New impression by another Reddit user (jakedawg69):

Just got it 60 minutes ago. Resolution and focus is much different. Before on the OG, I didn’t need my glasses. I have a weak prescription and things used to be clear. On the new headset, I can’t read text far away so now I need to wear my glasses in the headset. This makes everything much clearer but adversely I now notice just as much SDE where my naked eyes must have compensated before. It just looks different now. Also, the nose fitting bleeds in a lot light which reflects off my glasses. I guess I need to get some contact lenses.

Details up close are crystal clear. In the Lab’s Robot Repair, the text on the controls are incredible. Reflections off the glass. Also In Death graphics look better. No change in Beat Saber though.

The headset is lighter. The headphones are better. But nose bleeds in a lot of light.

It also seems that when I’m in a room, the room seems smaller.

I’m wondering now if there is an update I need.


I had the exact same issue. Only happens in DCS.
I think it is because DCS “claims” the Windows key and blocks Windows from seeing you pressed LWin+Y.

The best solution I have found is a piece of tape.


tape worked thanks


Nice normal person :slight_smile: review with comparison shots. Looks promising:


My trigger finger is getting itchy…


Yep, hopefully we get @BeachAV8R’s impressions in the next week or so.

It’s a hard decision, as the Rift is great for me and really enjoy using it, so that “$500 = 24.2% better” value judgement isn’t an easy one. But until the reviews I’m trying not to order, i.e.



Yeah. I’m honestly one of those who love my Rift and would like to have stayed loyal to their product line, but with the fuzziness of direction revealed in the past few weeks, I’m just hoping this incremental upgrade will be satisfying enough to make it a baby step forward. Mostly the comfort factor and light leakage seem to be the biggest complaints. With the descriptions of how close the lenses need to be to the eyes, I’m wishing I already had WidmoVR lenses ready to pop in on Day 1. I can and do wear contact lenses sometimes for distant vision, but the older the get, I feel my overall vision is corrected better with glasses.

I’ll be watching my ship date for the headset closely.


So, he won’t keep the O+ in the box for a month, first?


There will be tar and feathers involved if he does :slight_smile: .


A three week delay to torture us waiting for new WidmoVR insets? :wink:



I was happy with my regular 2D simming, a proud owner of a new 1440p widescreen, but you guys come and make me want to spend more money yet again.

I remember trying some VR early enough in the product cycle not to bother. Despite some occasional praise from some of you and some VTOLVR envy from Beach’s great posts. I was pretty much happy with TrackIR (me being new to the Flightsim world, it already seemed revolutionary only months ago).

Now this release got me looking into some of the old posts from 2016 and you all made really compelling arguments. Today, 2 years later I can see that it wasn’t just hype, that flying in VR must be this good, and with this new relatively hassle free system in WMR you all got me pretty tempted.

I have tried the Oculus before in elite dangerous for about 10 minutes and it was fun, but the image quality made all the more concentrated tasks, such as learning the game’s systems or dealing with Elite’s menu trees (and supposedly flight simulator cockpits), kind of counterproductive. The potential was there, sure, but it wasn’t an environment where I felt I could concentrate. Maybe it’s just that I didn’t give it enough time. Now with some minor upgrades in image, and the fact I can just buy some solution from a big company and use windows’s own VR software interface, makes it seem a lot less like a crazy experiment.

I guess I know what I’m getting for Christmas. That along with the maturing of the F18 and the release of the Tomcat is making this holiday season look more and more like an inflection point for me… It just seems like a much better time to jump in.


Question - is this upgrade notably better than Vive Pro? I’m assuming it is since everyone is very excited :blush:


I think most people are describing it as a “diagonal” move from the Rift at least. I’m not sure how it would compare to a Vive. With so much reading I’ve done of other impressions this week, I’m really excited to put my own eyeballs in the thing and do a direct comparison with my Rift.


@BeachAV8R @taubkin @Bearhedge

The resolution of the Odyssey+ is the same as the Odyssey and Vive Pro, the only major improvement is that the individual pixels (screen door) are not as visible.

For me, the Rift and Vive CV1 were just a bit too low on resolution to be enjoyable for flight Sims. Sure you could make it work with some supersampling, but GPUs are expensive and I thought " if I am going to pay for rendering all those pixels, I’d like to have them physically too"

The Odyssey has about 1.6 times the number of pixels of the Rift, which is exactly what I wanted. This is the same amount of pixels as Rift CV1 are rendering when they use SS=1.6 and good enough to make cockpits a lot more readable.
Also I thought I read that the Vive Pro used exactly the same panel as the Odyssey.

This Odyssey Plus just combines it with some small improvements to comfort and controllers, and the only major thing is the anti-SDE on the display.

Which apparently caused it to be picked up by the mainstream much better



I think a few of us were waiting to see what Oculus would do @Freak, in that if to jump from the Rift to a full Rift 2 with things like varifocal displays and eye tracking for foveated rendering to reduce the hardware requirements for much higher resolution panels (or panels with mixed resolutions with higher PPI in the center etc) and the like would happen in the next year or not. Obviously it looks like it is going to be longer out now, i.e. 2021, 2022 etc.

After the recent OC5 dev conference and the messages given out there was why the SO was worth another look as an interim upgrade to existing Rift owners. The SO+ timing and the claims of more readable text etc with the anti-SDE was just sort of coincidence of timing.

The SO was always better than the Rift for sim stuff I feel, it just came out when a lot of us already had a Rift already, and that’s a harder upgrade to justify compared to just having no VR.


That makes sense.


Funny, I don’t really think too much about SDE and comfort when using my SO. I do think a lot more about the poor resolution while flight simming, god rays, and small sweet spot. Are they better than the CV1? Undoubtably. Brighter, a little sharper, with less SDE. I also find them comfortable.

But really, I think that we all expectected better resolution by now. The Oculus was so revolutionary and compelling when we first tried it, the fact that it took what, five years to come to market, escaped us.

@fearlessfrog is really on to something when he says that it will probably take someone like Apple to drive the market. Although, we can definitely be thankful that Samsung is in the game. For that reason, we should all go buy the SO+ like gangbusters to reward them for their effort, even if it does feel like something of a shell game. Wait, I’m thinking of HTC.