Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



Just out of curiosity: Couldn’t you just… play in a dark room or so? I mean: You don’t see anything outside of the VR headset anyway.


The Odyssey and + has inside out tracking. The headset has two cameras that register the surroundings, for position.
If the surroundings are dark, position tracking is affected.


Really? It isn’t active IR based?? Man that sucks.


Well, I’m just referencing the reviews I’ve read. I have never even seen a Samsung Odyssey.
But I see several comments about light leaking in, and the inability to use it in a dark room.

Don’t know if the cameras in the SO+ register IR?
Would be clever if they did, because then you could mount a few battery powered IR LEDs in your play area, as navigational beacons. :slight_smile:


Sure, that technology has been working for trackIR for ages.
Some IR LEDs and a camera that tracks either them or reflections.


Indeed. And also for the Oculus Rift.
But I like the idea of a self contained system. Especially for room scale VR.


No…at least for me it is great! My computer is in my living room which has so much light and light sources that TrackIR was impossible to use. And I would have had to buy a half a dozen black out blinds to fix the problem. The Rift has been great…I don’t know why it didn’t have the same problems as the Track IR…


Sure it depends on the use case I guess.
Either way (good only with light or good only in darkness) will be bad for some users.


Software. Probably.
Track IR choose to track anything that pops up on the IR sensor.
Oculus has very clearly defined dots, all the rest gets ignored.



Oculus, I think, has a known constellation of dots in a fixed orientation, making it easier to detect the proper orientation of the headset. The constellation determines the orientation of the headset with certain ‘stars’ being on top and others being on the bottom, etc.

TrackIR has three dots that originally reflected IR light from the camera and only later, with the pro clip, were sources themselves. TrackIR, allowed you to set those dots in any orientation and then centre on that orientation with the camera determining up and down. This allowed a lot of flexibility in where the dots were placed.

The choice by TrackIR meant that it couldn’t guess orientation and couldn’t disallow extra dots. With four dots, which three are the source? Oculus can remove extraneous dots because it knows the constellation. What’s that extra dot in there? Wait, I don’t care because it doesn’t match the rest of the known constellation which I have a good view of.


And the LEDs flash in a pattern, making them easier to distinguish from other light sources.


For all concerned, the Odyssey tracking works really well. I haven’t tried it in a pitch black room, but I’d gladly give that up to rid my desk of sensors. Dim rooom not a problem.


You could probably use an IR illuminator in your room too, every camera I’ve ever used can see IR. The rift has filters so they can see mostly IR but other than that I think they’re just regular cameras.


Looks like Samsung bumped a bunch of O+ orders from the 4th to the 18th Nov. @BeachAV8R worth checking as they might not say and just quietly creep that in there.

I’m off to the Microsoft store tomorrow as I’ll be downtown anyway. It’s usually chaos, in that they have VR units but ‘no-one can work them’, but you never know, I might get a look. Invention Idea: Timed Chastity Belt for Credit Card. :credit_card: :slight_smile:


Yeah. I saw that. I’m considering canceling and driving right now to the Microsoft Store here in CLT. Gonna call them now and see if they have them in stock. Hmm…


They have one in stock, I just secured it and am on the way to the store.



You can just ship that other one to me and I’ll make sure it gets returned to Samsung in a timely fashion


I have an Odyssey + in my hands…but I think I’m gonna stop in this LEGO store and build a Death Star before I take it home and open it…


Hang on.


Yep, as suspected, a hand-drawn Plus sign. I knew it!