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My picture has SDE. Can’t be a +… :thinking:


So… Why am I not reading about your first impressions yet?


Probably costs more than the Oculus and have a much greater operating budget. Might want to ask the wife about that one first.


The box is firm, well constructed, and has a pleasant white tone to it. Taking a little nibble of it, slight citrus undertones and a chewy texture. Altogether, very impressed with the box.



Hmm, random reddit guy #14122 was sure it was more an oaky flavor - THIS IS WORRYING.


So this might not be as quick as I would like. I do want to get some pics through my Rift lens of some of our favorite sims to have by way of comparison. I’ve never snapped pics through the lenses…so lemme experiment with the Rift first…then I’ll break out the O+. And I only got four hours of sleep last night…so I probably won’t stay up super late tonight. It’s hell getting old…


If I were you, I would just use it. Leave the lens photos till later, as there have been lots of those with varied success.

Personally all I’m looking for is a quick ‘yep, it is better than the rift!’ or a ‘Hmm, its about the same, not bad’ sort of judgement call. Because you play DCS and X-Plane etc, then your call is the one I wanted to hear, even if it is just a quick provisional one. We want to hear what your initial take on the SO+ is for flight sims :slight_smile:


That’s great that you managed to pick one up so quickly Chris. I’m with @fearlessfrog, just a quick opinion on whether it is worth the upgrade from the Rift for simming is all I need at this point. Then you can go back to savoring the subtle flavors of the packaging :wink: . I hope you find it to be a nice upgrade!


I’m getting the little one to bed and then I’ll go give it a whirl…


Plugged in everything - Windows appears to have recognized everything and am now going through the setup process. The hand controllers look like something out Interstellar…


So a Warthog? :clown_face:


What’s your humor setting Frog?


Auto-self destruct, t-minus 10, 9…


Newsflash, reports just in.
Italian O+ boxes are having a pizza like aftertaste.


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Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

Good detailed comparison shots of the screens of the Odyssey Plus vs Vive Pro (same screen as Odyssey Plain) vs Lenovo Explorer (a nice 1,440x1,440px per eye resolution). Just jump to the middle to get the idea.

Also, because it’s not that obvious, the order of comparison from left to right is O+, Vive Pro, Lenovo on all ‘3-way’ shots.

Our Samsung Odyssey (+) first impressions, tips, and tricks...

So … my 2 cents on only viewing that video. The Odyssey Plus has better general representation (less of a screen door effect) but it was harder to read the text on the dash of the various vehicles than the Lenovo? Does the Odyssey Plus just make the pixels bleed into each other to get rid of the screen door effect?


Kind of, it seems to do with the layout of the color elements in the AMOLED screen. You can see that sometimes the screen door in a rectangular layout makes things like text look ‘sharper’ but then hurts immersion a little in that you see the black between the pixels too much (or some people see it more than others, so it is a bit subjective). The sharpness is better (a bit like without running any antialiasing in a game) but then you can always see this ‘screen door’ over the top.

The O+ is more that they diffuse the pixels so that the black area between their diagonal layout pixels is covered with color. They claim this doesn’t bleed over other pixels, just covers the black, so in theory to the eye it should be just as clear but with less screen door.


It’ll be interesting to see what @BeachAV8R makes of that video, as I don’t think I’ve seen an example where the O+ was so blurry on text display when compared to other displays. I wonder if it has to do with just shoving in a camera into a headset and then not getting the sweetspot right?

So handy having our own on-site tester! :wink: