Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



For those not in the US but curious about the $299 Black Friday Odyssey Plus deal.


Hmm, looks like the O+ sale lasted about 40 seconds. I think it got bot’d hard with scalpers… They might restock but not sure how likely that is.


I guess I missed out then. :neutral_face:


I am looking at $299 for an O+. That’s the sale, right? It’s still there.


Could it be theoretically possible to give my cash to one of you guys and then you ship it over here as “gift” with no extra taxation?


I managed to get one from the MS online store! :sunglasses:

It won’t be delivered until the 28th but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to trying it out!


Time to Magoo.

Via the Microsoft store just now.


I’m really tempted, but worried that the move from a first gen Odyssey not justify the investment. I almost was in Raleigh last week for a funeral and would have loved to try @BeachAV8R ‘s SO+. But a work project entered critical phase and had to cancel the trip. Opportunity lost.


Might I recommend a “Used Oculi For Sale” thread. :grin:


It is possible. Your cash, your women and a solo ride in that fast car you’re working on.


I just found out I can phone the store and get the $200 refunded, as I bought within 30 days. :slight_smile:


And you guys are officially a bad influence! I ordered my Odyssey plus today. Should be here by December. My Oculus looks so good lately but there is no denying this is better.
The deal is on. Got it for 300 stacks!
Thank You for the heads up fellas!


Ho ho ho came early for you!!! Spead the word!


I just went to the microsoft store and…

I am not so sure. Despite being a Swede maybe I was gifted a nose that was too Roman for the Samsung design team. From reading it would appear that a combination of continuous wear and warranty-breaking razor blade violence will help. As for now, my nose and forehead are killing me. Oh but that lack if screen door! I’d say it has been reduced by at least a factor of four. I only got to browse WMR home so I couldn’t test the clarity. I believe in @BeachAV8R and what he has posted so let’s go with “better but not revolutionary”. Not impressed with the controllers and that fact alone means there is a 50/50 chance I won’t even open the box when it arrives.

The MS store is giving away $25 gift certificates for the Oculus Store. Not sure what restrictions apply but that might be worth the visit. Also, the XBOX 1S/Minecraft bundle is $199. That’s a very decent price.


Headband - image

Either that or make sure the back is really low and the front is very high, i.e. more like a crown than a level position like the Rift. If it sits just above the eyebrows and is tightened then it’ll hurt.


Ahhh now I get the Zoolander reference from a few days ago. I just have to see if I can pull off a respectable “Magnum” with this aquiline nose. I’ll even settle for Blue Steel.


I ordered the odyssey + from the Samsung store early this morning, it came up backordered, so I checked the local Microsoft store who had them in stock at the same price. Bought one there and cancelled the Samsung order.

After a short time trying them out in DCS, I concur with what others have said, the setup is easy, the colors are more vibrant, and the lack of SDE is apparent. I haven’t worn them for an extended period but the fit seems ok. I agree that the controllers aren’t as nice as the ones that come with the rift but not a big deal. They are evolutionary, not revolutionary compared to the rift, but I don’t think I will be going back.

Also have lenses from widmovr on order, waiting for them to really dive in.


Over time I’ve warmed to the controllers a bit more. They feel so less substantial than touch, but the upsides I wasn’t expect were:

  • The thumbpad is great in Windows Mixed Reality integration, i.e. scrolling around web browser when in VR. I thought I’d miss the Oculus hard buttons, but not so much now. It’s an adjustment to be more ‘vivelike’ but I can see why it’s nice having both a stick and a pad now.

  • Because I tend to VR a lot at a desk, in X-Plane I look down a fair bit (program the FMS, the center console etc) and the tracking on these controllers is actually nicer than my Touch, mainly because my two Oculus sensors got blocked by the edge of my desk a bit. I don’t think the tracking is better for ‘move around’ VR, but for desktop and sims the controllers ‘tracking where you are looking’ inside-out is working out really well for me so far.


My concern was lag. I’ve heard it mentioned but because very few users use the controllers as actual flight controls, a little lag is not noticeable. I am guessing it wouldn’t be an issue for me either. But the only way to find out is to break open the box. I could write a book on the joy of using the free space over my lap to fly. Once mastered, going back to the stick is like work.


I’m doing that via Microsoft Chat right at the moment…!