Samsung Odyssey & Odyssey Plus News



Yes…this has been a big improvement for me for VTOL VR. My two Oculus sensors often get clipped when I drop my hands down lower…which is where some of the VTOL VR controls are.


So using Microsoft Chat, I chatted with a rep for a few minutes and they are refunding me $200 and it should hit my card in 3-5 days…! I don’t have to return the O+ or go back to the physical store…


Another victory. Good for you AV8R


@komemiute have you found a mule or have you given up. Not much time left.


I gave up. :slight_smile:


This guy is a fan of the O+


That’s a good read. Thanks! (Wish I’d bought two)


O+ is on sale again - $299.99…


I hate them…
(Becasue they don’t sell them in good old Europe)


Thanks for the tip! Hmm…I might test the waters with the wifey - that way if I don’t get board approval now, I might do for the next sale :stuck_out_tongue:

Need to see if NZ Post’s US purchasing address works for it etc. but I’ve ordered things that way in the past.


So my O+ is reaching Japanese ricer car levels of tricking out…but I think I’ve finally cracked the last nut. I received my Studioform Creative O+ head strap yesterday, installed it, and am now in HMD heaven. For the record, that makes:

I believe my O+ is transforming into something that may have intelligence and try to escape. I dunno.

Anyway…the Studioform Creative is a simple Velcro strap that wraps around the posts that hold the headphone pieces and loops up and over the HMD. It is designed to take the weight off your forehead, and after testing last night it works like a dream. And a bonus side-effect is that having some (most) of the weight on the strap actually caused the bottom gap to completely disappear. The light gap had gotten smaller with the addition of the super-comfy VRCovers faceplate, but now this has made the entire faceplate seal completely.


You have to wonder why some of these mods are not standard, out of the box features. Especially the head strap. Having the weight distributed across your head is one of the main reasons the Rift is so comfortable.


I agree. I’d rather pay $100 more and have the parts integrated. Aftermarket to the rescue. Of course, it all started with the awful initial fitment. I can’t help but wonder who the trial sample population was and what their feedback was. Maybe whoever was in charge was a ready, fire, aim kinda person…


Hair might be the reason. Not impotant for the most of us, I assume :wink: