Samsung Odyssey setup instructions, tips & tricks



So $299 at launch and now going for $399, a couple of months in. Interesting - looks like they might have a strategy to try to lure people in with special offers.

I’m still undecided at this point so I might see if another $299 offer for the O+ pops up. I was almost ready to buy one but then @chipwich shared his thoughts and put the brakes on for me again, haha.


I would go visit a Windows Store if you can find one nearby and try one on so you get a sense for the comfort issues. It is less comfortable than the Rift for sure, but I’ve actually completely adjusted to it somehow and it doesn’t bother me at all. A Vive Pro might be a good option too. Or a Rift if you can catch a good deal on that.


I have really tried to love my O+, but I’m just not there yet.


It should be said that I’ve got an extra large oval shaped melon that probably acerbates my fitness issues. The O+ Is most likely designed for an average noggin.


I was there, unsatisfied. Then this week AV8R and fearlessfrog straightened me out. Reprojection at auto and 90hz plus ingame VR settings to stock. That got me a good experience.


I noticed that my O+ controllers go through batteries a lot faster than my Rift Touch controllers (I’d guess at least twice as fast…maybe even more). Not sure why this is…perhaps in their idle state they consume more power, or those active lights on the Giant Can Opener ring take more power. Any-who, I’m now using an 8-pack of Energizer rechargeable batteries instead of going through dozens of Amazon AA batteries. If you VR a lot, it is probably worth investing in some rechargeables and just swapping them out and putting them on the charger when the battery levels fall…


I use the IKEA cheap high power Ni-MH rechargables in them. Sweden does it again with the bulk buys. :sweden:


Each time you swap batteries you eat a sleeve of those delicious IKEA cookies too huh?


Sometimes the names hit the spot:


One of my favorite YouTube videos was this one about IKEA (Kolon had me in tears)