Samsung Odyssey setup instructions, tips & tricks

WARNING: This info is currently (Dec 14, 2020) outdated for WMR for SteamVR in the current beta version. Soon it will not apply to the release version either. See this comment on how the new way works.

Hi all,

As some of you know I have a Samsung Odyssey VR HMD since this weekend. The mission I flew with 229th 8Mates last night was truly amazing, the presence is incredible and yes, the resolution really is better than the Rift and Vive (80% more pixels), though I would not say worth an upgrade if you currently have a gen1 headset. (80% more pixels is not 1.8 times as big, only sqrt(1.8) = 1.34 is more what it feels like). I spotted a FARP before my flat screen flight lead did, ha! Instruments are readable, definitely better than VR gen 1.0

It’s just that in the past few days I have been going through a lot of installations, notepad++ and mods stuff that I want to save others the hassle of finding so they can hopefully get it done in one evening.

I wrote all I could remember down in a txt file, hope it renders OK.
I will turn this post into a wiki so people can add links, other stuff, and/or more clearly indicate what is optional etc. Getting a bit tired of tweaking.


Make sure you have either HDMI 2.0 on your GPU or get an ACTIVE (60fps 4K) DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 adapter

Get Windows MR Portal
Settings-> Headset Display-> Experience Options -> Change to 90 Hz (only if you have the aforementioned HDMI 2.0 or adapter)

For using SteamVR with ASW: (also necessary, really)

-> SteamVR
-> Mixed Reality for SteamVR
–> Opt-in to Beta motion reprojection is available in stable since mid August 2018, and also default on now
–> (optional)Enable motion reprojection indicator if you plan on trying out different settings to find the right beauty/performance balance ( this is what indicator does: )
–> (optional) In settings/video set “Application Resolution” to manual and 100%. This is a global supersampling setting that is applied to all games, on top of any in-game supersampling. If you plan to set supersampling yourself within the games you play, set this to 100%

For playing Oculus games (example: Dirt Rally)

Install Oculus Home
Install Revive LATEST unless changelog says no odyssey support
In Steam game properties, disable use desktop theater mode
In Revive system tray right click, choose patch and then go to steam/steamapps/common/dirtrally/drt.exe or something and press open

For DCS:

Install DCS Updater Utility
Use this utility to launch with VR on or VR off

For shaders mod in DCS (HUGE performance boost, however may be buggy):

Install OVGME
v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Download the .zip file for the VR shaders mod and put it in your OVGME mods folder:
Download fearlessfrog’s script from the Mudspike thread (couple of posts down) for easier re-enabling of the shaders mod: DCS VR Shaders Mod (now with instructions!)
And change it so it has your DCS path!

Run the script
Enable the VR Shaders mod in OVGME
^ Do these last 2 steps after every update, remember to also load a mission in every map after this as it is going to take ~10 minutes the first time

Turn down your settings a bit less than you would otherwise have to. Try to get blue indicator lights on the top left, not red.

PS: You may be wondering how I, as an EU citizen, got this VR set. Rather than buy it at the only Dutch webshop where it is being sold for €800, I used’s service. They order check everything is correct and send you your package. In my case, they even stored it for 2 weeks as I was still on vacation and wanted it to arrive afterward. When I ordered, the Odyssey was on sale in the Microsoft Store, as it seems to be once every ~3 months, at $400. Using BigAppleBuddy, all in all including shipping and PayPal cost (I have no credit card) it cost me €453. Almost half the Dutch price.


Thanks Freak. Very much appreciated.


Also, if someone could help me get my framerate in DCS up… I am running an MSI GTX 980Ti reference and an i5-4690K with 16GB of 2400MHz DDR3 RAM, DCS and OS are on the same Samsung Evo 850 256GB SATA SSD.

I am using an active DP->HDMI 2.0 adapter that allows 90fps, but when flying the Mi-8 convoy mission (with Windows Mixed Reality Motion reprojection on, and the VR shaders mod), my framerate keeps dipping below 45fps (to about 38) when flying low over the trees, even with no MSAA, PD=1.0 and all other settings low. I would love to have low shadows but this does not seem to be possible with reasonable fps with a bit of margin for multiplayer

Any ideas?

@staff can someone make the first post in this topic a wiki?


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In some cases the DCS engine just won’t be able to keep above 45fps to help our ASW etc. It’ll be a CPU bottleneck etc, and isn’t really indicative of your specs.

For the wiki post, are you ok if I covert it from the pre-formatted text? It’ll make it easier to see on tablet/mobile, where text posts scroll across a lot.

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Yeah go ahead, I figured it didn’t look as good. Was hoping it would somehow expand and still keep my ASCII artsy block around warnings and stuff.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try turning up the settings and ignoring the minimum FPS a bit.

EDIT: I notice indentation disappeared, maybe we can make a nested list or something?

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Yep, the bullets or number list formatting on the tool bar in the forum editor should do it - plus I added some more formatting info here as well.

As it’s a wiki it’s easy to go back and forth in versions, so don’t worry about breaking or losing anything.

Thanks, will look into it. Not now though, I am done with all the tinkering (just OC’d my GPU for 5 fps extra).

Also I added a post scriptum about how I got the headset imported into the EU. I don’t get referral bonuses and I don’t have stock in it, I just liked the service of the company and it got me a good deal, so I wanted to tell you about BigAppleBuddy.

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Just a heads-up for any other Odyssey owners with large glasses reading this:

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Hey guys,

I have the Samsung Odyssey and have tried DCS and stumbling on a problem I simply cannot seem to resolve.

On the Odyssey, DCS right eye image is much lower than the left eye image… making it very hard to look at in VR. This is the ONLY app that does this. All my other apps running on the Odyssey display perfectly.
I also have the Oculus, but DCS looks perfect in it.
Everything is set up the correct way with SteamVR.
I even setup a new laptop with WMR + SteamVR + DCS and with a vanilla setup it does the same.

This is incredibly frustrating since the my main goal of the Odyssey was to play DCS.


We’ve got a newcomer here!!!

Hey there, @Ruscky and welcome to Mudspike!

I have the Oculus Rift, myself and know little or nothing about the Odyssey.

Let me page @Freak for you… :wink:

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Thanks for the welcome and any help you can give. Much appreciated.

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Hey Ruscky, I flew DCS F/A-18C Hornet yesterday practicing refueling and Case 1 recoveries in the latest open beta build ( and didn’t have any issues at all with my Odyssey. In fact it was remarkably smooth, even using my normal 2D settings. Launch order was WMR applet, Steam VR, then DCS in VR via the @SkateZilla utility.


Thanks for the info. Would be able to tell me your settings in-game so I can try them out. I run a 1080ti an i7 7700k and 32g ram. Just for reference.


For best performance for DCS in VR, I use the VR preset button, switch MSAA to 2x, and make sure that Pixel Density is set to 1.0 on the VR tab. Having MSAA enabled offsets a lower pixel density.

In SteamVR -> Developer, I have enabled the following: Allow asynchronous reprojection, Allow inherited reprojection, Enable Advance Supersampling Filtering, and Perf Heuristic Active.


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Thanks. I will try it out see if it has any improvements especially the steamvr settings.

I tried the high setting and then low shadows, water with MSAA and SAA off.

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Hi @Ruscky good to see another DCS VR head here.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where your misaligned single eye view may come from. If it comes back, I would consider contacting Microsoft support.

My DCS settings may be a bit lower than that, I don’t even run MSAA or increased pixel density and even then I dip below 45fps depending on lighting conditions.
Specs: GTX980Ti reference cooler, i5-4690K, 16GB 2400MHz DDR3, SATA SSD

@chipwich @Ruscky
Since last week Thursday I have been having an issue where my mouse freezes (in DCS) when I put the HMD on. Pressing Lwin+Y does not remove the blue bad on the desktop screen and unfreeze the mouse, nothing happens…

So now I can’t play DCS in VR anymore

I filed a support ticket with Microsoft, are you experiencing the same? Any ideas? It’s not that DCS is not in focus. It might have something to do with Simple Radio and launch order, but it also happens without SRS.

EDIT: just heard from an Oculus user that he had a similar problem last week, and it was only in the menu. Maybe it’s DCS, not Mixed Reality that is the problem, and maybe it’s only in the main menu. I should try getting into a cockpit and pressing LAlt+Enter when I get around to it

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Haven’t been in VR this week. Will try tonight.