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Sorry for getting back to this so late.
I diagnosed that it is probably DCS blocking Windows from seeing the Windows key is pressed. Weird that it only happens with the headset on my head.

The solution was very simple: I put a piece of tape over the little green LED and proximity sensor between the lenses so it does not sense when I put my HMD on and thus does not trigger the problematic behaviour. Have been DCS’ing without problems since

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Nice find! :+1:


One thing worth trying on this is that I noticed both the SteamVR AND the MixedReality have ‘beta’ options to opt in on.

I’ve set the beta (properties / betas / opt in beta in your Steam library) on this guy:

Now playing with the various options in

 X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MixedRealityVRDriver\resources\settings\default.vrsettings


Just noticed that as well. I need to move on from my set-it-an-forget-it attitude.


Last night, I decided to get to the bottom of how the SteamVR Video Resolution slider interacts, if at all, with the pixel density (PD) setting in DCS. I ran a number of test flights using the instant action F/A-18C Case I Recovery mission for each flight, noting frame rate (FPS) and overall image quality. While the results allowed me to find a balanced setting for my gaming rig, I still have some questions. I also wanted to find out if the hand controllers need to be visible in order to achieve 6DOF. During my testing, our technologically venerable @fearlessfrog offered some insight.

As to the hand controller question, that’s a big negative. As long as you successfully get through the WMR startup test (Look Left and Right, then Look Down), 6DOF works perfectly, which is another nod to Samsung’s tracking technology. My hand controllers are out of sight under the desk, and haven’t been used since I last visited the ISS VR a few months ago during the Tesla/Star Man spectacle.

SteamVR Video Resolution does in fact affect the frame rate in DCS, but strangely an increase or moving the slider to the right, does not improve image quality, IMO. For instance, with mac daddy 2080 ti, if I left Video Resolution set to automatic, which SteamVR adjusts the slider to 200%, left the DCS Options preset on High, and set PD to 2.5, my average fps was around 19-22! Chip’s rig brought to it’s needs begging for air. Just sliding the Video Resolution to 100% raised the FPS to 35-40 range. Further lowering PD to 2.0 moved FPS to 45-50 range.

This is what I settled on to give best FPS (never lower than 45) and image quality:

Video Res on 100%:

Options preset: VR
Textures: High
MSAA: 2x
PD: 2.0

I still want to try some further settings to see how they affect both FPS and image quality, like setting terrain textures to High.

Fearless speculated that the reason raising Steam VR Video Resolution affected FPS but not image quality might be because some other process, like the WMR and SteamVR lobbies, were absorbing GPU resources. Makes sense to me.

I’d be interested in what you Odyssey owners find playing with those settings. Also, it would be nice to not have to switch SteamVR settings for each game. Setting Video Resolution to manual is global. I see under the Applications tab that you can have a custom setting for each application, but it is not clear what affects DCS. You might want to have DCS at 100%, but BoX at 200%.

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Steam VR update

didn’t knew were to post! was reading this thread and it seems a good place to post it!
default.vr overwritten yes?


No, I don’t think so. The default.vrsettings file in


gets overwritten when the Steam app ‘Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR’ gets updated. The normal SteamVR app is from Valve, rather than Microsoft, and leaves that setting alone.


Oh, actually WMR for SteamVR got updated today as well. The new default setting is now at 2.0, which just goes to show.


Uhmmm suddenly my cockpits all look dark. Dont know what I did. I’m on Open Beta using O+ w steam vr and WMR.


I think I’m in love… C-101CC and VR…


I need to give that sexy bird some love. I like the way this thing flies.


I did a couple of hours DCS flying in VR last night and I swear the moons all lined up and performance was great. I didn’t measure the thing to death, it just felt good. I wouldn’t be surprised if the latest update improved some things, as it is working very nicely for me. I hadn’t bothered with the VR Shaders mod, so this is just plain vanilla as well.


Yeah. Mine is vanilla as well without the shaders mod, and I’m running in pretty high settings (albeit the types of training missions I am using are not demanding on resources). I’m really loving it…


The instruments are so familiar, like many were ripped out of a King Air (well, not the Mach Meter, but definitely the Attitude Indicator, HSI, RMI, VSI, Altimeter, etc etc).

I’m looking forward to giving the O+ another try when the new PC gets here next week.


That is what I am really enjoying about the C-101 and C-101CC…the familiarity is palpable. That Sperry ADI / HSI and flight director setup is fantastic. If only it had V-bars instead of the cross pointers, but I’m very used to the cross pointer flight director from many years of flipping between the two types in the (real) sim. And in VR, the 101 has these big fat radios on the right side for NAV/COM, so resolution isn’t really a factor. Just a really nice airplane.


Got my install sorted out. I see what u mean. Beautiful


Whenever I’m in the Cliff House, I wish I had a helicopter so I could go explore the island (I know it’s only a texture off in the distance…but still…)

Same with the Steam Home…I want a helipad!


I like the other one - the ‘sky loft’ or something. It looks like they hacked up a picture of Vancouver harbor to do it, so looks nice.


This is a fun SteamVR home to try out. You get to ski out of it…


Looks like the O+ is on sale for $399 currently…