Save the Date: Rise of Flight Fly-In 6/4-6/5

Our first unofficial Rise of Flight event went so well, we figured we’d try an official version of it.

As you can see on the Mudspike Events Calendar, we’ll be gathering again to fly and fight in the virtual WWI skies in Rise of Flight over the weekend of June 4th. The only requirement is Rise of Flight, which is free to download and play, so come join us!

Look for an official thread with more info as we get closer to the event.



That’s incredibly good news… :smile:

I’ll try to be around this time…

Excellent. Time to get back into this superb simulation!

Dang it, I keep missing these. Will be RTB from vacation on the 5th.

I’m volunteering that weekend, but maybe Sunday, depending how late y’all are going…

I will try to make it, I was lambing during the last fly in. Hope to see you over teh weekend gang :slight_smile:

AAR! :slight_smile: :sheep:

Looking forward to flying some kites this weekend.

Hope you guys got your hangars stocked!

First time I’ve ever installed it… :smiley:

LOL…after downloading 4GB from Amazon, and installing, it is now updating with another 4.8 GB - probably should (could have?) just went to the RoF site and downloaded the most current and applied my key (?)…

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So I have the server ready to go - I built two team deathmatch missions (the only way that players can hot join) that has all of the flyable aircraft types available , including bombers!

So lets see some multi crew tomorrow! I would especially like to see some two man aircraft action tomorrow like the Bristol F.2B, The DH4 or the Halberstadt and Roland on the German side.

Keep in mind that you do not need to own the aircraft to join as its gunner, only the pilot needs to own it.

The server will list in the browser as Mudspike and the password will be listed in the teamspeak channel when you enter it.


I haven’t played rise of flight in I’d say 5 years! I may new to look into it for this weekend. Anything big change over the last five years?

Hmm…my install won’t launch using the technique I used to download the game. So I uninstalled it and just downloaded the 8GB installer from the RoF website. Will give it a go again…

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Well, a Treaty of Versailles got signed, but (no spoilers) it didn’t work out as well as expected. :frowning:

Hmm, I’ll get my Rise of Flight ready then!

EDIT: I’m online and just entered US: Basic Training server to iron out any kinks…


Sigh…apparently my Amazon Rise of Flight Iron Cross Edition does not activate (?)…

@Tankerwade, @Tyco and I are just setting up now on the Mudspike server - maybe just snaffle the Steam free RoF version for now?

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Hmmm…I submitted a ticket. Seems this is not unusual that an old product key (over 3 years old now) does not work with the newest version. I can launch the game…so maybe I can play with the free stuff included?

Lemme try it…

Hopping on the server…on TS now…

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