Scale Modellers, lets talk :)

If you do, will you send me your batteries at least? I run all dewalt for my hand tools, including the job site radio :nerd_face:

For the heavier tools, they’re all husqvarna, also sharing their batteries.

That’s a fine chopper you got on the bench there @Johnny , looks almost as good as @smokinhole’s…

Of course that tank needs to get a bigger motor. Can’t have it be underpowered, can we? You need at least the power to weight ratio of the real deal mate.

The ‘ya’ in Yak is one letter in cyrillic, looks like a backwards R.


I didn’t know it was a Matchbox kit. Heard it was an Ace release before Revell.


Operation Romb was the brief use of the jet in Afghanistan. Apparently only 10-12 sorties were flown, with little impact.


Id love to! Fancied making one myself but never found a good enough kit, didnt know trumpeter did armour!

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Thanks. I took a couple of shots for you - the lighting in my hobby (PC) room isn’t that great in the evenings, so excuse the reflected light please - but as you can see, there’s a nice collection of brass, resin and wire extras for the kit, too.

hang on - I just found a step-by-step guide to building the model on YouTube:

awesome! Don’t worry Victor - I’ll still need advice, I can guarantee it - especially on painting and finishing


So, let’s see how this goes- eventually.