Screens from DCS Fly-In Nov 12-13

Multi-seat works in the Gazelle-L! …sort-of. A lot of the systems aren’t sync’d, such as the engine and rotors. Plus I can’t see the pilot.

It’s very creepy flying around in a helicopter with the rotor blades not spinning.

Camera works great though!

@Toppometer and I were able to do a little damage…

…before we went for a little swim.

Operation Bactria went off to a great start - we lost just about all Hawg flight but Pig flight seems to be doing well.

@near_blind and I enroute to the IP.

I think this is @boomerang10 providing some top cover while Pedro moves in.

Also @boomerang10.

@near_blind after taking a face full of Zeus.

After ejection, @near_blind’s aircraft takes out an insurgent day care.

Better late than never, @Tankerwade joins the party.

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@EinsteinEP busy crashing


Last night’s Hollo Pointe mission was Back Of The Hand. It lasted about ~4 hours, and Blue managed to squeak out a victory.

@SierraAlphaMike and I making a run in to the Roki Tunnel -

SAM, you did a ton of good taking out that BUK! That cleared the path for the rest of us.

GBU-31 on the Roki Tunnel East; the canyon is too steep for laser guided GBU-10s -

Roki Tunnel East is closed to through traffic -

Despite the damage at Vaziani, a few birds were able to make it out of Vaziani Airbase -

@EinsteinEP was able to roll his MiG-21 out of a damaged bunker to deliver a nuke blow to Roki West -

Bomb away (successfully this time!) -
umm, forget that last part…
@EinsteinEP streaking away from the blast area -

Close enough with nuclear weapons -

It looked worse than it was -

Everything was fine up to the point when I pulled the emergency break -

@slow5x5 (Slowhand) and I wrapped up the mission by taking out the Red Rocket Factory, wow did it explode! -

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Some A-10C action

Some Mirage action, @Toppometer and @Bogusheadbox pictured.
I also got a kill but got shot down a short time afterwards.

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I’m still not sure what happened here, but it had both @near_blind and @Maclean giggling.

@Toppometer finishes off a MiG-21bis.

Me in my Tiger, taking my sweet time to get to the AOR.

Me returning home after getting a kill. No screenshots of the fight itself, since I was busy. :frowning: Need to add a screenshot button to my HOTAS configs.

@Freak explores the grassfield capability of the F-15C.

@klarsnow, you’d be glad to know that @near_blind paid us handsomely to not take and then post screenshots of this activity.

@near_blind getting the angle advantage in a hill fight, @Maclean puts up a decent fight…

…but only the the victor can emerge victoriously.

@Fridge bringing it home, sexy-like.


@near_blind watching his or @Bogusheadbox shot (not sure who’s it was).

Earlier this day:

me and @TheAlmightySnark playing around in the tiny jets

And some more shots of the helo-take-off-and-shoot-away mission, where @EinsteinEP tried to get some BBQ ingredients to the troops on the ground, while the rest of us were already lighting the BBQ. Everywhere…

It started out with a nice taxi, but then…

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Those last two show the typical Mudspike mission. Nice!

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Myself, @Bogusheadbox, & @Mac returning from the Zone of Truculence.


… and Mac. Where was he?

IN THE GRASS! :laughing:


I flew from Sukhumi to Gudauta to join up with near_blind. I forgot I had a full load of fuel and eight missiles so my landing was … okay, silly.

But… brakes were useless.

The grass slowed me quite well.

By the way, thanks for NOT showing my screwup! :wink:

I think that was me in the first picture… nose VERY high trying to ease down onto the runway.

@Aginor refueling.

@Toppometer and @EinsteinEP taking off.

@near_blind looking for a Zeus

@EinsteinEP on a guns pass.

@near_blind fearless with rockets against a Zeus.

@Toppometer coming off the target.

@near_blind acting cool.

@Tankerwade looking cooler.

@Aginor with a kill.

@Toppometer with a guns kill …

… and in a lag roll over a bandit.


Another one of @Aginor


Mission accomplished!



From Saturday Night:

Someone poked the hornets nest

Me n @Tankerwade surveying targets

seriously I see you lol

Me n @near_blind right before we went inverted and died :smile:


Passing on the left

I… I probably shouldn’t worry about that, right?

Passing by the AWACS.

@Toppometer pretending he’s in Arma and infantry plinking.

Someone taking off.

CBU-97. Works every time.

@Andrew116 flipping switches and doodads.


Now I am glad I refueled.
Those shots look great!

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Some very fun missions last night. Big thanks to the hosts.:slight_smile:

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