Screens from DCS Fly-In Nov 12-13

The Fly-In is on!

Zip! Zoo! Zadee!

@near_blind dispatching of someone bending dangerously towards a truculent attitude.

@Bogusheadbox getting nailed by one of those ground SAMs.

When you realize your old checklist got trashed and your printer just broke…laltWin+home it is. sigh

My co-pilot tonight.


@WreckingCrew’s missions always require a little oomph.

On takeoff, just as I raised my gear, the bomb fell from my aircraft, armed, and detonated on the runway below me, devastating our home base.

And my IP said I’d never accomplish anything in this jet! HA!


OOOOOOOOOH! THAT’S what that switch does.

Note to self: read instructions before carrying nuclear weapons again.


Umm…I think I have it right?

Slowhand joined Wreck and I, but Vaziani ground decided to not open his bunker when he joined in. Maybe something to do with the nuclear weapon that went off in the vicinity?

@WreckingCrew wrecked it.

The MiG-21bis is so much fun to takeoff in! Even without nuclear stores randomly dropping off your wings.

Another switchology snafu left me taking three passes at the target, but now the bomb wouldn’t come off. I pickled and pickled until I was blue in the face, but the dang bomb just wouldn’t come off the pylon. Cover was off, pylons were armed, AG/AA switch set to AG, I even armed the “tactical bomb release” switch, although I don’t think that applies when dropping nukes. Only thing I can think of is I think I may have left the ASP in “shooting” mode instead of “bombing”. Will need to test again.

I ended up dropping the bomb using the same armed emergency release switches that nuked our homebase. I didn’t get shots of the impact, but it was just out of range to take out the gate.

When landing at Vaziani, I noticed another player MiG-21bis holding short of the runway, so I expedited my approach - instead of executing an overhead break, I expedited a straight-in … and then found this AI Yak coming right at me.

Unfortunately, I was already below 200 KPH, drag chute deployed, there was nothing to do but watch the crash.




Radiation warnings were going off all over the base…

There was a Nuclear Incident at Vaziani Airbase tonight.

The base is shut down for repair -

Almost all exposed units were destoryed; the tower was evacuated and many bunker doors were jammed -

This is the last image of the bomb before it exploded; no trace of the pilot and aircraft were found -

The nuke blast rings can be seen from over Tbilisi -

Other aircraft were affected in strange ways like in an alternate 30° universe -


Did somebody get his plate number?

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Ohhh my, thats an unfortunate incident… kinda makes my accidental firing of a super 530 at nearblind a trivial event.

Any event times for today, tonight? i know @WreckingCrew shouted some times at me but the beers and early morning combo seems to have erased that info.

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Bogus, I’m going to idle on Teamspeak in an hour or two for the rest of the day, I think that’s probably the easiest way to meet up.

I’ve got some errands to run but I’m aiming to be on from mid-afternoon (UK time) today. Will pop into TS when I get the chance.

Sounds like a plan, have visitors here at the moment so i guess i could be on early arvo…

Just gotta buy some chocolate as a peace offering to the controlling feminine deity

I got some errands to run as well, will probably be online 2 hours or so from now. In any time zone that is not light-hours away from Earth.

I just got the F-5E… So yeah i’ll be online :wink:

Flyin with @Freak


@EinsteinEP, @WreckingCrew, had a blast last evening, even if I wasn’t that effective in the A-10A! Count me in today at some point, as well.

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So much of the base was destroyed, we’ll prolly never know who the Pilot was, or why the bomb released. An unfortunate accident, or… ? Perhaps General Vaz … no.

A few shots by me. Flying helos with the guys, delivering BBQ.

With helo missions, there’s an airshow at every FARP/airbase.

With some impressive dynamic displays.

Me and a Ka-50 in an exciting standoff over some Garlic Parmesean.

“Gear…Gear. GEAR! YOUR GEAR IS UP!!!”

I try my hand at heavy lifting in the Mi-8.

It does not end well.

The Black Sharks begin their dance of mourning around my carcass.

A bit of format with @Bogusheadbox

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