Screens from DCS Fly-In Nov 12-13

The tactical wing unleashed! @EinsteinEP better have some more screens if he knows what’s good for him…


Wow, what an amazing morning!

@Klarsnow and @near_blind departing Kutaisi to begin their slaughter.

In the meantime …

Two clients who joined the Fly-In were off comms, and seemed to have a lot of issues getting the aircraft to do anything other than shoot flares or explode. They must have spent 15 minutes just creating their own little world of mayhem.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum wreak havoc on the airfield and themselves. Dozens of burnt out Su-25 corpses and ejected pilots litter the airfield. Luckily, they were only damaging themselves, but seemed to be having a good time of it.

@klarsnow’s line of warriors heading into the fray.

@klarsnow, @near_blind, and @Maclean take to their F15Cs and form up into a tactical Line Abreast formation, and demonstrate good tactical comms taking down some pretty daunting enemies, such as…

F-86s, which scatter to the wind. Literally.

This flight of MiG-15bis explode almost simultaneously, thanks to some well coordinated fire.

The flight of Bf109s make their move, but don’t stand a chance.

@Maclean guns down the last one.

After all that killing, the flight is winchester and light on fuel, and needs to head for the nearest airfield, Kutaisi, which is 70 NM away.

@klarsnow masterfully collects his thirsty little sparrows, corralling them for the quickest route home.

The formation tightens up on the way home, everyone showing good form.

The formation held pretty good throughout the approach and pitch out.

The victory parade! This line-up is missing @miRage who nose-dunked on his landing.


I want to give this more likes.

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@klarsnow, where eagles soar!

The plan … coming together

The rejoin … dramatic shot

Post rejoin, fron left to right (I think) @miRage (M2000C), @near_blind (F-15C), @klarsnow (F-15C), @Maclean (F-15C), @Bogusheadbox (M2000C).

Switch to echelon right.

Turning toward the airfield.

@Maclean after the break.

The pattern is full :slight_smile: (@Maclean, followed by @klarsnow, @near_blind and @Bogusheadbox (@miRage is off screen to the right).

And dramatic landing!


Maybe he got mixed up and thought it was the SimHQ fly-in. :trollface:

@Maclean guns down an F4.

The F5 That Could. I’m pretty sure this was the guy, speed holes and all, that almost gunned down @Maclean who was heads down, trying to fix his Track IR.

@near_blind getting some gas.

@klarsnow playing with bombs. Ask him about his new loft tables.


Typical @near_blind conversation today:

“You know, one thing I…and A-10s are SOOO SLLOOOOWWWW…in first gear, all the way, seriously, then I…‘Ratatouille?’, I said. ‘I hardly KNOW her!’ Amirite?”

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I accept donations, @EinsteinEP

5 ship

@Bogusheadbox refueling

@near_blind looking for targets


Tiger Selfie with @Fridge landing in the background

Formations with @klarsnow

Someone asked why I put the korean jets up high. Beyond historical accurocity, it’s because the merge looks awesome.


@Boomerang10 humoring me by lasing my GBU-12s. A pretty slick evolution if I do say so my self.

Chief is going to be so mad.

My jet is a leaf on the wind, watch how it soars…

err… floats?


Short clip from the weekend.


Had a Blast with you guys the other night…thx for hosting .

This is a screenshot of how I feel looking at these screenshots, and having an immovable conflict for the second meeting running.

Well that’s just cheery.

Heh, I don’t even have internet at home yet. Maybe today? Or tomorrow? Or… you nkow… never? :frowning: