Screenshots and AARs from Arma 3 Weekend: July 2- 3

Put 'em here! <you can’t tell me what to do!>

Here’s how it looked for me

Desync party! :smile:

The insertion plan had us thrusting the tip of our spear into the fleshy underside of the enemy forces. After setting down into some thick bush we dribbled down into the valley and after several spasmodic lunges forward, we took the town and collapsed in an exhausted heap.



So… you ARE drinking…


Looks like an average mission.

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Frog was thrusting so hard he busted an artery or something…

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Thankfully, victory was ours, because I couldn’t remember from the briefing whether the retreat rally point was the left ball or the right one…

Probably a case of


I would have picked you up and thrown you over my shoulder…but I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in Arma, so I might have just karate chopped you and finished you off…