Shopping for a new PC... and I’m kind of lost.


I would, but My wife expressed interest in having her own VR setup for games.


That is a really nice set-up Paul, a good balance across the board.

For me, I still struggle with the cost/value prop of the 2080 Ti, and don’t want to buy a 1080 Ti. I also don’t want just 8GB GPU memory, so the 2080 is less inviting. I’m also noticing that 32GB of RAM would suit me far better, as the days of 16GB seems to be hitting a wall sometimes (especially DCS is large missions and MP), but then don’t want to go buy more DDR3 that I’ll need to throw away very soon.

Do let us know how it goes, as really interested to hear how things work out for that set-up. It’ll only take a few screenshots of FPS counters on screen and it’ll push me that required inch/centimeter over the edge to pull the purchase handle. :slight_smile:


I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m certainly looking forward to getting it all up and running with DCS and X-Plane.


That’s an awesome PC!


Dan, are you using liquid cooling on the CPU and/or GPU? How are you liking the 2080 Ti?
That case looks amazing btw.


Yes and very happy with both. Thank you. Your 570x will shame it though.


If it looks anywhere near as good as your rig, I’ll be more than happy.

I’m now thinking that sometime next year I will have to start looking at a decent 4K monitor. The 10 year old 32 inch 1080p TV I am using now really isn’t going to do the new PC any justice.


Looks a good setup, have always built my own PC’s since my very first 386 DX 33 MHz all those years ago in DOS 5 days :slight_smile:

For anyone building their own PC one thing you should not scrimp on is a good quality PSU, some are better than others, a bad one can take out nearly all your PC components and I’ve seen that happen before, its not just a PSU’s power rating, but proven reliability factors too, some come with crazy long warrantys that is worth considering too, have my own preferences, but market is ever changing and new players can be good quality too, well worth looking at trusted unbiased reviewers for PSU’s.

One thing I will say is … a well chosen and good case and good PSU is a rock solid foundation for future PC upgrades too, so try to keep that in mind, you might not think you need the space for water cooling now, but you may in the future, even if it is just a triple rad AIO type, a good quality case with no sharp edges and roomy enough for good cable management is a joy to work with as well … basically what I’m saying is, choose well for a case and PSU for future upgrades and you will save money in the long run.



I recently upgraded my I7 8700K @ 5GHz ram from 16 GB 3600MHZ to 32 GB of same flavour as I read DCS can use the extra ram in certain circumstances, cant say I’ve seen it make a difference yet, but its a good feeling knowing its there should it be needed :slight_smile:


I just installed an extra 16gb to my pc today. I checked ram usage in dcs and it was 15+GB usage. It never got to that with just 16Gb installed


Seems like this might be for you - attempting to build a Gaming PC for the 1%


So, you are telling me that I need a second RTX 2080 Ti then? :wink:


Definitely NOT




This. My son just built his first gaming rig for Christmas. We unboxed everything and I was expecting an experience much like the six I built post-Y2K. I was almost angry at how easy it was.


I also have a question.
Should I get Windows 10 Home or Professional for my new PC?
Until now I always went for pro, but I wonder if it is still worth it. For example to turn off all that damn telemetry, Cortana and whatnot.
I am only used to Pro since we use that at work, so the differences are not very clear to me.


The main difference is the ability to join a domain and use a group policy. You also don’t get Hyper-V, BitLocker (handy for that laptop left on train), remote desktop and a few other corporate toys. If you don’t use those bits then Home is fine. You’re limited to 128GB of RAM vs 2TB on Pro, so DCS 2019 might be a squeeze :slight_smile: .


Ok, thanks!


Ignoring the current cost of RAM, I’m just wondering what kind of setup is needed to cram 2TB of memory into a system. Since that’d take about 128 sticks of 16GB modules, if my math is correct.


Just to stop 3rd party hosting datacenters from putting a database like MSSQL on Win10 Home to save some money. 64-bit DB’s often have a lot of RAM as it’s cheaper to scale up a single machine that way rather than scaling out to lots of other DBs. Win7 and XP had the same sort of restriction, basically to stop them being used as large servers on the cheap. Gotta keep Bill in the bling.