Show us your sim pit!


I dug around our storage room at work and was rewarded with this…


Do love a good setup thread


Is the baseball bat for possible intruders, or do you have regular pick up games where time is of the essence?


Here is my current cockpit setup. It is a little hard to see due to the dark strain on all of the wooden bits.


Haha. Unfortunately I don’t get to play as much as I once did. It accually has a few autographs on it from when I was kid. No one really of note these days.

Technically it’s a “collectible item” In my office when accually I just like the feel of picking up a baseball bat every now and then. Kinda hard to explain without sounding like Neagan from last weeks walking dead episode.


Well here she is boys. Just an old 42” tv with a usb hub extension back to the couch.


Nothing special. Just trying to do double duty in an 80/20 aluminum profile rig between DCS World and Iracing.


Oh how I wish I had a local alu profile pusher…!
Pretty versatile structure building components.


I depend on you guys to introduce me to worlds previously unknown. Had to google 80/20 profile and found this.


Bosch Rexroth - Basic Mechanic Elements


Look what I did:


I have the same chair.


I finally (re)added this to my setup:


I bought a 20mm Warthog extension and have been going through much thought on how to place it. I like the folding tables for my computer because they can be away from walls for easy wiring and maintenance. I’m hanging wood mounts under this table for the stick with extension and the throttle. The stick has to be mounted out from the table so it has free travel, and I’m angling in the stick support to be close to my right leg. The stick support will be tied to the table legs so it doesn’t wobble. I think this will work. :sunglasses:


Throttle and stick supports are mounted to the table.

The stick is solid. Warthog 20mm extension with the blue spring. I plan to clamp the tables together for even more stability.


Very clever design!


Here’s my rig.

Samsung CF34791 Monitor
VKB Gladiator MK2 Pro
CH Pro Throttle (10+ y/o)
CH Pro Pedals


Efficient use of space! :smiley:
My wife would love me doing that too…


It’s very cozy :slight_smile: It’s the smallest room in the house, behind my back I have another desk and some soldering equipment, tools etc where I build my rc-planes.


Nice topic! :slight_smile: