Show us your sim pit!


Subtle bump. LOL


Do you have a spinny chair?


I did a thing:


Thats awesome Brennus!

Is your house really tilted sideways like the villain hideouts in the old Batman series?


Magnetic north I think? :slight_smile:


Maybe. Or perhaps his house is on a hill. His ankles must be so sore.


No, my phone is really, really heavy…


Nice chair, I have the same.


Alternate configurations:


Nice setup Brennus!


Thanks piper. In the interest of curiosity, I looked up my peripheral purchase history, and I’ve had this particular CH setup since 2006! I’ve recently ordered a new CH PRO THROTTLE, but only for spare parts, as the USB cable on the old one was dead, but only after 10 years of faithful service!

Take that for what it’s worth…


Docking you 10 points for non-Mudspike mug in simpit photo. We’re just not getting through to you.



And all that to play MechWarrior? Just kidding.


Incredible blackness with the blood overtones. I’m going to give you the Tour of Duty award. :slight_smile:


I haven’t played that in over a year! I’m tempted to jump online and check it out though. And thank you LB, but the color scheme wasn’t exactly intentional, it just sort of happened. I’m rolling with it.


I don’t really have a pit…but it is always a nice day when I manage to clear away all the junk on my desk and can once again see the glass…


That’s similar to the HTPC I have in the bedroom.


My rig. Chair has a few more items attached to it now as bottom in-progress pic indicates. Just waiting on my Pimax HMD and Tomcat now.

Went to a Virp stick, didn’t realize it color matched my chair too. And that is my comfy skin cover.


I just have the normal desk setup like some of the above posts TM Hotas stick + Throttle plus Hotas Rudder Pedals and 29inch wide gaming screen with FaceTrackNoIR but I really want the F-18 frame from Viperwing so here is a pic of what i want as my future sim pit for ED-DCS F-18C

In action

  • I will then build a new rig so I’m just waiting for now, not the right time for me anyway.

Viperwings direct webpage