Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops

Last night I spoke to most of the Day of Infamy players, that I thought we should have a weekly time to play Rainbow Six.

So lets try this Sunday night at 9:00 pm EST for “Siege Sunday”. We will meet up on the Mudspike TS server. Lets try Sunday and if it doesn’t work so well, we have Weds nights as an alternative. See you tonight.

I’ll be there!

Join us for “Siege Sunday”, tonight, Sunday night at 9:00 pm EST. We will meet up on the Mudspike TS server. See you tonight.

See you there!

Join us for “Siege Sunday”, tonight, Sunday night, Feb 25th., at 9:00 pm EST. We will meet up on the Mudspike TS server. See you tonight.

Should be there.

Looking forward to it. A fabulous impromptu session yesterday!

Yes that was really good, multiplayer is a real challenge !

It’s great because there’s no downside in terms of player count … if you have less than 6 players, you play coop … another player shows up … boom, 3v3 pvp time! :slight_smile:


So, with the obvious note that I can’t always be here, it’s good for multiple people to have the multiplayer setup arranged so you can just jump in, instead of being stuck with the default settings.

Some instructions:

  1. Play

  2. Multiplayer

  3. Custom Game

  4. Online

  5. Create new playlist

From here, you can set your settings and save as a playlist for future use. DO NOT USE TACTICAL REALISM. While this can be fun, it is insanely difficult to manage when you aren’t used to it. The no HUD thing is fine, the no kill indicator is fine, etc… but you have massively reduced ammo and as far as I can remember no ammo refill caches.

My match settings:

  • 2 rounds
  • Attacker/defender swap = 1
  • overtime = 1
  • overtime score diff = 1
  • overtime role change = 1
  • objective rotation parameter = 10
  • attacker unique spawn off
  • damage handicap = 100
  • friendly fire = 100
  • injured = 20
  • sprint = on
  • lean = on
  • death replay = on

Game mode settings

  • hostage death = on
  • prep phase duration = 45
  • action phase duration = 300

HUD set to normal.

Then just use duplicate match to create a second one, and change the map, then duplicate match, etc… until you have as many as you want. I think I have 8 maps. More than enough so far.

Then, to create a multiplayer session, be OUTSIDE a party, follow the steps above but select your playlist instead of create new. Then create as player, and using the squad invite panel as normal, invite people and when they accept, they’ll be added to the session.

You have to manually start each round when the map changes.


Sweet. Question for @fearlessfrog as well … could we get a R6:S channel in TeamSpeak? Maybe replace the “Get out of here, Stalker!” one with that? :wink:

Sounds good to me. @near_blind and @Fridge are usually on it and have admin permissions so can do it.

The only person we don’t let on TS is @BeachAV8R, because he pays for it. :wink:

I’m the only one that could probably break it beyond repair. Only cooks are allowed in the kitchen around here!

Maybe delete the ArmA channel as well … nobody has used that for eons. :smiley:




I wanna get back to some Arma stuff soon. Need to figure out what format it takes though. BUt I believe that @near_blind already has you covered.

Glad to see that I am not the only one who likes that song? :heart_eyes:

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Join us for “Siege Sunday”, tonight, Sunday night, Mar. 4th., at 9:00 pm EST. We will meet up on the Mudspike TS server. See you tonight.

I should be there!

Special tomorrow… Operation chimera! I will be around.

all loaded on my end. Super excited for some play tonight!