Siege (Rainbow Six)/ Mudspike Ground Ops


14.4GB download. Hopefully @adlabs6 started yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how/when but I already have it. I must have left /Steam/Uplay running. What time are we
meeting up ? How about 8:00 pm so we can try this a bit ?


I’ll have it tomorrow (hopefully). Have fun guys!


Got guests, won’t be there until 8:30 pm.


@Linebacker get back here. We’re playing regular.


Prof, Rhino and I tried that Outbreak mode. I dunno, I think Rhino liked it a bit and probably would like it more with some tweaks. For me, I didn’t care of it that much. Reminded me too much of Left For Dead, which I didn’t like.

New operators are interesting enough.


Outbreak puts the Tom Clancy name to shame unfortunately.

Just go toward the light guys! :wink:


I enjoyed it, although it is very intense and when about 15 of them swarm you it’s really crazy. But I can see that with only three missions, I think we will “know it by heart” and master it in a couple of weeks.


I get why people won’t like it. And it if it was a permanent mode I’d probably like it less, but as a temporary distraction I think it’s pretty fun. I mean, it’s not really that different than the normal modes except in setting. You’ve got terrorist hunt, escort, and protect missions all in a single package.

Frankly, the way the levels are laid out, you have way more opportunity to be tactical than the normal modes give you, because you can sneak up on the enemies and knife them, silenced headshots, distract them one direction while they’re flanked by your teammates.

Honestly, it’s better executed than the regular mode, where the AI is just blatantly cheating and you don’t really have those options most of the time.

Anyway, I can see why people wouldn’t like it.


I checked this morning, my download is done and the game is running OK. Didn’t get to test the Outbreak yet, so I’ll do that when I play with you guys next time. Maybe tonight, if a couple others are able.


Sure, I’ll be around for a little while, tonight, around what time ?


I should be good at the usual 8pm Eastern, maybe a bit earlier.


I’ll be around for NOT Outbreak :slight_smile: … pull me from the Squad TS channel if I’m there.


I can’t tonight or tomorrow. But I’d be happy to play outbreak with anyone who wants.

I’ll play normal too though, so whatever.


Ads, if you wanted to try Outbreak tonight, I can be on-line at 9:00 am EST (the usual time). I think you’d really like Outbreak, it can suit your style if we use silencers and take it slow and steady.


Ok Prof, yea. I think I can make that tonight.


Great, see you then !


Since we’ve got a 50% Renown bonus this weekend, I think I’m going to buy a 1 day 100% Renown Booster and run it today.

I’d continue to wait for one of the Base operators I’m interested in to go on sale instead of buying the booster, but now that all the Base operators are now free to all Standard Edition players, I have some doubts they’ll ever go on sale again (who’ll need a sale on operators nearly everybody owns?).

So making some headway on Renown to buy them may be the better use of my R6 coins.

Anyway, if you see me online today, feel free to join me and share in the booster!


I’m around for a bit, not sure how long.

edit: nvm called away!


Saghen and I played some good T Hunt rounds last night.

My 100% Renown booster gamble worked out OK, I scored like 7000 Renown with it, and unlocked Smoke.