SimBox NG



Went to the garbage dump today…

Goodbye, old friend!
We sure had some good times together…




VPC SimBox adapter…

Yes, I’m going with the VPC stick. If I have regrets, I can always change back to the BRD.


Yep! Works!


No. You must have no regrets. The best thing to do is send me the BRD to … um…hold on to for you. That way you won’t be tempted to change it out with the VKB.

Yes, I will do this favor for you and the SimBox NG…it is just the kind of selfless person that I am. You can tusentakke me later. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s the VPC, not VKB - isn’t it? :thinking:

In any case, great progress my man. Things are really coming together well.


DOH! :man_facepalming:t3:

Yes! It’s a VPC! Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:


haha no worries man! :rofl:


Cut out the floor.
Looks good, doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


The floor is attached to the frame.
The seat frame is boxed in.


The former seat adapter was made out of plywood. As was the rest of the SimBox.
New SimBox NG in alu, seat adapter in alu. You never expected anything less, did you?

Starting to look like a proper ejection seat, under there…
Maybe I should add some nozzles? :wink:


In military surplus, you can probably find that det-cord stuff the AV-8B uses in its canopy to blow it out of the way when ejecting…before adding the ejection rockets, I’d install those det-cords in your ceiling and/or roof to punch a hole you can get through…Safety First!:sunglasses:


I sincerely hope that’s not available in surplus stores! :fearful:


I know a guy who knows a guy…how much do you need? :wink:


Ok… So the stick felt a bit too close.
And here’s the beauty of these modular alu beams.
Just add an extension! Problem solved!


Just checking everything fits…
I ditched the rails for the rudderpedals and just bolted them where I want them.

I am throwing looong looks of desire towards the Thrustmaster Pendulum Rudders. Not entierly convinced that they will beat my BRD’s, but they sure look the part. And, by my calculations, they should fit the SimBox NG like a glove…or boot… :wink:

Tomorrow will see the marriage of the CK37 (my PC) and the SimBox NG. Stay tuned.


Ok… Moment of truth!
Will the computer cabinet fit…?

If it doesn’t, there will be a very irritable Troll running around and a cheap SimBox NG for sale.


“Measure twice; Cut once”. Then hit it with a hammer until it fits.


The golden rule of any handiwork!
I have measured everything numerous times…
But you know. Reality vs. Expectations.