SKALD: Against the black priory

heheh Yeah, I can’t wait to get down to it and push all the pixel I can! :smiley:


667 Overwhelmingly positive, you’ve all done a fantastic job obviously!


Anyone here happen to know how to access the deluxe content like the soundtrack, art collection, map, etc? I am using my MacBook and for the life of me, I never know where to look for stuff in that thing.

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You can also try getting in touch on the official Discord

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I’ve got some stellaris digital deluxe content and you can find that by clicking on the game in steam, right click > Manage > Browse Local Files. I see the ebook installed there for example. Perhaps its the same for Skald?

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I’m glad your overhead is low enough that 500 positive reviews (and presumably some times more than that total sales) is seen as sufficient reason to work on another. Good games require an adequate budget, not a year’s take from your average drug cartel.

This era of massively budgeted games that sell 5 million copies being called “underperformers” and not getting to develop further has to end. Quite simply, 1 million sales should be considered a blockbuster. If the amount you take from that is insufficient to cover the budget, you spent too much!


For sure. I appreciate the games with A-list actors and $20m budgets. But I haven’t had this much fun outside of a simulator in quite some time. I enjoyed Hogwarts. Came close to finishing it. I enjoyed Baldur’s Gate 3 even more. Came nowhere near finishing. Skald, I am now about a third done with. I will finish by next week. In the meantime I can’t stop thinking about it. Good rulesets that are challenging but not arbitrary or unfair; along with great stories and characters, will, in my world, always trump visual appeal and Mark Hamill behind the mic.


Me too. I’ve never understood the whole “add a celebrity to voice a game” especially after mgs5 (bastards)

I have more hours in random, indie games (carrier deck is the first thing that jumps to mind) than most aaa titles.

I’m really looking forward to playing this.


Agree 100%. A good story, told well in an accessible way doesn’t (shouldn’t) need a squillion dollar budget…

A good game is a good game, the rest is just eye candy and this is a good game!


I’m humbled and proud…




I’ve played plenty of modestly budgeted games with good voice actors. They don’t make that much, really. How much do you think it cost to make Wing Commander 3 with all those great actors in it actually on video, not just in a booth?
On the other hand, I’ve played many with bad voice actors that should have spent more money on it.

I just read WB spent $200 million on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League with 200 staff. In other words, it came out to $1m per staff member and you know literally ONE person on that team might have made that much, the top dog. If they were lucky, that amount might have covered 10 people.
So WTF was all that money spent on? They had no big voice acting names on it.
Same with animated films from Pixar or whatever, it’s a bunch of PC hardware and staff working for 2-3 years. No sets, no location shooting, no equipment, no accommodations, no catering, no insurance…what are they spending it on?

Uh… thanks?

I’m just saying pointing at celebrity voice actors as the cause of budget bloat is missing the forest for the trees.
Good games can be made with modest budgets and lousy games with massive ones even with no recognizable names behind them.

There is a budget problem with games but getting rid of voice talent won’t solve it, just as throwing money at it doesn’t ensure quality. Your game and Suicide Squad are proof positive–big budget, lame game; small budget, awesome game.