So long and thanks for the fish!

Due to irreconcilable differences in values and vision between myself and the other co-founders, I’m leaving this community. I’ve had some great times, learned a lot, and will miss damn near all of you.

Now, here is the sound of the door not hitting my ass on my way out!


I wasn’t aware there was some grand vision that required consensus. I feel like I’m missing out. It’s like Goofy not being invited to Mickey’s birthday party. What is happening?

Miss you long time, Einstein!

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Good luck EP! We’ll miss you around here!

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Did your account get hacked?

I swear, there are more breakups in flight simming than an MTV reality show.

I’m hoping this is prank…


YA BOO SUX. Send an invite when you find somewhere more conducive to your peace of mind and just holler on steam if you want someone to puke in the back seat of your L39 again :smiley:

Honestly, I am hoping the same thing. If not, I’m personally sad and depressed.

Going with the less is more mode - I personally just want Mudspike to be a drama free zone with a certain amount of independence. I thought we were achieving that.


I’m very confused now, hopefully it is.

What? Watwatwat?
That would be really sad. :frowning:

Well that came completely out of the blue. I hope you change your mind Erik as you will be missed if you leave. Take a few days away, drink a few beers and then fix whatever is broken.

Better yet, come back and tell us that your account was hacked and that all is good after a password change. :wink:


DAF**, first Austria’s vice chancellor and now EP, wth is going on? :frowning:


You really just ruined my day. I have no idea where this came from and I must beg you to reconsider. You are one of the people who attracted me to this forum. You give it value.

But if staying is not possible I wish you well.

Eric Anderson

If it’s fish you want, I got plenty for you!
I don’t know what to say… Please don’t leave!


ahw man, very sad to hear this. I wish things would be different, but if this is the decision you’ve made I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours. The content you produced were extremely enjoyable reads from as recent as the 1944 preview all the way back to the stuff you’ve written back in 2015. It’s also very saddening to know there won’t be any more fly-ins organised by you :sob:

Say what ?

That would be pretty disappointing @EinsteinEP. I’ve much enjoyed your commentary and insight. Here’s hoping that you will reconsider.

Really hoping this is an account hack.

I’m speechless and sad.
I hope it’s a joke.

Otherwise I really wish you the absolute best in everything!

:confused: Something seems odd about all of this… Looking back through his posts there seems to be no prior indication of anything…

At any rate, I’m sad to see you go @EinsteinEP, I’d be sad to see really any of you go, hopefully we’ll see you again someday.

I don’t understand. In this community, we can’t shitpost so…there is no drama. What gives?