So, Who's Got COVID?

Did you test when you had the colds?
I know a family of four where three of them got it twice, but one of the kids steered clear both times. Some are more susceptible for the infection than others.
Many who got it had symptoms so mild they were ignored or mistaken for a common cold too.

Same here. The post covid cough was a b*tch!


Nah, I don’t test. I’ll not go into that though.

Worst part is trying to suppress it when you’re out so everyone doesn’t stare at the coughing fool! :grimacing:


I was stopped for a breathalyzer test. I almost coughed my lungs out! The police officer looked really concerned… :smile:


‘Paroxmal bronchiolitus’ its called. That happens to me after breathing tobacco smoke, solvents etc. The coughing stops only after the body response is to throw up and collapse. Usualy people coming across me collapsed at that point verbally comment on me being a drunk. Makes me have a warm fuzzy feeling of benevelence towards the human race. Fortunately I am pretty good at dodging the situations that cause it. 2001/3 were not good years.