Some warm up before DCS Tomcat ;)


Sigh, the potential…

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Thirdwire Went Android… :frowning:
I dont even launch SF2 Anymore, all the mods in the world cant get me to restore it from the external drive.

Nearly Every Aircraft is coming to DCS now… so …

TW/TK Coulda Prolly did a “Strike Fighters” Module w/ Simple Avionics, all they’d have to do is upsample the models and re-do the animations and some LUA Work…

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Well HELL! TK should totally do FC3 level planes for DCS*!

*I’m a nut for FC3 level planes in DCS- all the realism (almost), none of the gloating RTFM! (almost)…

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a bunch of us asked on his FB… not gonna happen.

You know, I’d just noticed that I had the Thirdwire games on my computer still. Kinda makes me want to load them up and see how they are.

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I have SF2 installed still - with my 4 fave mods it’s around 20GB. I installed it when I had to send my Rift off for replacement - haven’t touched it since the new one arrived!

I would, though, if the TrackIR FoV wasn’t so pants.

*actually, I just checked and it’s 44GB :open_mouth:

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Yeah, that always bugged me.

Well that, and the utter stupidity of the wingman AI.

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Which TrackIR FOV?
You know you can change, it right?

I didn’t noticed that, even in the video my wingman saved my butt downing the MIG-23 which was engaging me.

The one gripe that I have is that the latest release of SF2NA available on thirdwire site (from Jul 2013 IIRC) is kind of broken. I can’t win the campaign in F-14. I tried already on Easy, Medium and Hard campaign difficulty. Each time I get few random missions (intercept a flight of Badgers attacking Keflavik, some CAP etc.) and on 4th-ish mission I get to escort a flight to take out the Kiev task force. Even if every mission is successful I still end up losing the campaign. The end screen notes that Soviets have accomplished their objectives (occupying Iceland I suppose).

I remember that when I bought the game back in 2012 the campaign played fine - it lasted for abput 10+ (or maybe even 20+) missions and I was able to win it.

There is no way to downgrade the recent installer available from official site (it’s pre-patched). I have to dig up that old version, I burned it to a DVD 5 years ago …

After some thought I think that the losing campaign bug is tied with taking out the Kiev while the Iceland is still mostly under Soviet control. Who knows?

I seem to remember that bug… Might check CA to see if they ever solved it?

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My dream F-14 sim would be remake of the Microprose F-14 Fleet Defender built in modern engine. Even SF2 engine would suffice (grahically speaking). So several theatres of opeartions, front and back seat controls, squadron management, diverse missions, complex comms with wingman and Hawkeye. One can dream …

DCS World’s Tomcat may be impressive in terms of avionics, graphics, flight modelling etc. but it wil lack the overall feel of fighting a war with your and your sister squadron from the carrier which you have to protect at all costs (like in F-14 FD).

FSX Tomcat looks purty but flies like a turd with afterburners


You’ve got my golden quote award Skate, lol

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My hope is that years of flying the wibbly wobbly floating machine will harden the senses and make it easier to fly the HB Cat.

The one that stops you looking down any further than the lower edge of the panel (if that far). Always cropping up and pulling me out of the cockpit and placing me firmly at my desk. (In other words, it kills the immersion).

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Yes. It can be changed really easy.
IIRC it’s by the plane (that is you have to change it in every plane) but it’s a clear to read .txt (or .ini) that’s commented and easily readable.

It can take 3 minutes, top.

I swear…all it needed was multiplayer and we’d all still be playing it. Running those A-6s, F-4s, and A-7s toward North Vietnam…mmmm…man it would have been fun with six or eight of us…


Thirdwires View Limits are redonkulous because they only modeled the front half of the cockpit.