So apparently (no verification that I know of) this is the recently recovered Space X booster getting taken back…


Needs more wheels. :wheels_smiley:

The most interesting thing is that the whole booster is attached to that flatbed with another offshoot of the space program - Velcro*. So when they lift it off there…it makes a huge riiiiippping sound…


  • This may not be true. But I’ll bet there IS some TANG somewhere in that booster.

Looks like it has the proper weathering :slight_smile:

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My brother is an engineer at KSC and has, after some time adjusting to the competition, developed growing respect and awe with what SpaceX has done. But their methods are unorthodox. The reportedly wash out the boosters with Simple Green.

This needs to be a scenario in American Truck Simulator

Indeed…and you should have to tow the booster down the Bolivia Death Road…!

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Incoming! 360 degree vid of barge landing:

That sound was a little bit terrifying!

A Geostationary Transfer orbit shot tonight (Thursday 5th May), although a barge landing will be attempted they expect it to go horribly wrong due to the higher speeds/lower fuel margins.

Live stream for the 1:21 AM EST / 10:21 PM PST / 5:21 AM UTC.


Unbelievable…it did it…!!


Geeze! Wow! Amazing!

Three different views of the landing. I don’t think the video’s get across how big the rocket actually is (where it is being pulled by a trailer gives a good idea), plus that barge was really rocking…


Into the hangar. That’s a big tube…

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I did my duty and chanted “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A…” the whole time that video rolled. (Now tell me that the motors are made in Vancouver or something…)

The Chinese guy that owns the US govt bonds that offset the debt, that paid the NASA budget to SpaceX lives in Vancouver? That’s all I got… :slight_smile:

I actually caught that story on the news. Fascinating…

They are collecting used rockets…

I think they should strap them together and go totally Kerbal…