Moaaaarrr boosters !!!


Fearlessfrog’s Instagram video, 7 posts above, needs the music from the Spaceball 1 flyby…


I mean that’s kinda what they’re going for isn’t it? When is the first Falcon Heavy launch scheduled?



THAICOM 8 and landing live now…


Nice re-entry burn clip:

EDIT: (Nicer full landing video rather than clip)


Love it! Amazing!

It’s like magic or something :slight_smile:


That up close view of the booster as it accelerates after liftoff at around the 22:10-22:20 mark…looks so surreal like it is from some Michael Bay movie with SpaceX as some sort of fictional space company that sends our protagonist into space…LOL…reality is trumping fiction these days. So awesome, it looks CGI…!



Re-firing of one of the retrieved 1st stage boosters.

Ars Technica Article


The engineering involved in just the test firing heat dissipation must be pretty incredible. I mean, that rocket is designed to move away from all that heat and stuff…pretty cool they can run it that long in a static position…


Dragon at dawn

Source: Space X Instagram


High Speed Footage | Past Missions

Source: Space X YouTube

Some pretty cool footage in here, especially that stage separation!


CRS-9 has returned!


Launch pad explosion.


Ouch. Seems to be a problem with the propellant loading.




And spectacular at the same time.


It just goes to show that even in 2016 there is nothing routine about going into Space. Thankfully nobody was hurt.


Where’d I put my tinfoil hat? So I assume someone is floating the theory that something (like a projectile) caused the SpaceX explosion?

Sounds pretty risky for a competitor to do with all the cameras and stuff around. Interesting that it is at least a theory I guess.