Official word on the probable cause of the September 1st anomaly


Sounds kind of scary. Liquid nitrogen pooling in wraps, carbon fiber friction, etc… Jeez…engineering and going to space are a nightmare…!


Fantastic video from the NROL-76 stage separation and landing.


That was pretty awesome


Immarsat-5 in about 20 mins. This one doesn’t land, or rather, not in one piece.

SpaceX is like watching Nascar but for rockets - as long as no one gets hurt it’s almost more fun when it goes wrong. :wink:


Fun launch…watched it with Kai…!


Two landings in a couple of days. This is now normal…


Pretty awesome stuff !


Not sure I can do 2 landings in a couple of days :slight_smile:


Just another day at the office…


Take off in 7 mins, Pacific landing this time…


Good grief…that thing steaming (or condensing) and popping and sighing and groaning on the pad as they keep pumping LOX in and allowing it to vent…LOL…looks like some kind of beast huh?


Mmm…stuck it. Must have read the instructions.


They launched the reusable but secret :slight_smile: USAF X-37B mini shuttle up today. Great footage on the way down, worth a watch. Cheers are definitely getting a bit more muted as they all get used to this being the new normal…


Now that its becoming normal, it would be cool to know what are the actual cost savings over disposable boosters


It surprisingly looks pretty close, with the Russian Rouble helping out a bit. The key figure is the price per kg/dollar.



I hope there is a HD video of it coming in with audio where you hear that tearing roar of it… I still think that is the coolest…


Live stream of Elon’s talk at IAC 2017:

Should be going live at 12:30 am EST. This is supposed to be the talk where Space X presents the updates to their ITS/ BFR plan.



Watching it now. He is an awful public speaker, so hard going. :slight_smile:

I saw a slide of ‘Moonbase Alpha’ already. I love the naming schemes. I hope they call the lander’s ‘Eagles’…