Some footage of that center core coming back and crashing…(it was a gamble anyway…apparently a very high reentry speed, and they had low confidence they’d have enough fuel for the burn to slow it down…)


Some additional footage:


What a day!


It still gives me chills watching that video. It was an incredible, incredible day. It makes you wonder what it felt like huddled around the TV or radios back on the day Apollo first landed on the moon. That had to be such an intense experience to listen to live. Obviously they didn’t have the flash and technology of today, but still…to have been there when we stepped foot on an extraterrestrial object. Wow.

On another note - looking at the scale and production of putting a rocket like that into space, I’m still amazed that even a billionaire can afford to do it. How is that even possible? How does Space X manage to pay the bills every month?



I need to learn how to make better quality gifs…


Well, they do charge for those launches, you know. :wink:


Heads up for the launch this weekend

and the next launch,


About 40 mins till launch. No landing, not sure if they will try for a fairing recovery.


SpaceX launch day! (6:32 p.m. EDT, 22:32 UTC)

Live steam:



Stand down, trying again in 2 days.


Another try again today, slightly later launch time then Monday.

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Keep them coming @Andrew116. I’m a big fan of NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc, but don’t have time to keep up with launches. Your posts are appreciated.


Yeah, same here.
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Interesting article on an apparent strategic move in Russia to cede it’s rocket market share to SpaceX and, instead, focus on building payloads.


Woo! This is not getting old for me :slight_smile:



Was indoors watching daughter’s music recital so we missed this one.