Scott Manley explains what’s going on:



Well the Falcon Heavy is vertical on the pad and the test fire is supposed to happen today but now it may be pushed to tomorrow.

So… standby to standby?


T-Minus T-Minus and counting.






Talk of a possible static fire late in the day on Saturday the 13th


:frowning_face: Well… there was supposed to be a test fire today…


It’s a commercial launch company, but a large amount of the launch infrastructure is still gov’t run, including the range, the pad, and of course the base itself. No gov’t = no launches or other activity there.
I believe there is a full commercial spaceport being built in NM, but that can’t support staged rockets.


So with this launch there was to be no landing back on the ship but a soft water landing testing a new high thrust landing… and well “expendable first stage” had other ideas lol


Interesting that they are now trying to catch and reuse the fairing (the carbon fiber ‘shell’ that goes around the payload). Looks like the catcher’s mitt was a bit slow today though:


Also interesting to note that I believe thats a new fairing design


SpaceX is now a satellite operator.


I hope that the roof of that boat is hardened LOL. Or perhaps everyone goes below during recovery ops.


Probably have better luck with a chute and a 130 w/hooks on the nose.


I’m now imagining a C-130 landing, dragging that $6 million 43 ft fiberglass fairing behind it, or are you picturing the Hercules landing in a net instead? :slight_smile:


Evidently a lot of people around here saw the Falcon X stage deorbit burn last night. Guess who missed it…!! :persevere:


Some footage of Elon Musk in college :wink:


Blow-up doll!