Srs help in DCS

Okay so I stepped away from the trying to get the mods in the multiplayer and I went ahead and I mapped all my f-15c controls. And I can get in it and fly and you know taxi and takeoff in multiplayer but I cannot get SRS to work. I have auto connect check on my SRS I get into the server my SRS turns on an picks a radio I have two radios map for push to talk. I clicked the button I get the click that says that I’m connected but no one answers me. I can’t get a single person to answer me. What am I doing wrong? I even say “Rodeo 5150 new to multiplayer, could use some assistance” no one answers , not even so much as a radio static.
But I hear all kinds of activity on the radio all kinds of activity just not towards me. I do seem to get the awac talking to me it didn’t use my name it uses the callsign the give me whatever it is that they have me designated as but that seems to talk to me but can’t answer back or anyting

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Check your device settings in SRS, see if they pick up your mic. See if you have the option in SRS settings “Radio switch works as push to talk” ON.

Ok, let me just ask some questions before we dive into this. No worries and no judgement just want to help.

Are you attempting to talk to real people on multiplayer?

Are you talking to the Awacs with your voice and expecting a response from the AI flying it? Or are you using the embedded comms menu (not SRS) I ask this purely because it possibly shows a lack of understanding of how the basic comms system in DCS works and also an over expectation of SRS functionality as well.

@RODEO5150 - rather than create a new post per sentence, please just edit your existing message - thanks.

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I’m trying to trying to talk to real people I go in there I hit the talk button no one answers me

Setting to pick up my mic I can hit the preview Mike and it comes through my speakers just fine

I know there’s no doubt about it there is a misunderstanding on how the comms system works because I can’t get anybody to help me

I don’t have it over expectations I just expect to go on there and do what everybody else does

I only mentioned the awac 2 show that I was being recognized in the server

For ■■■■ sake you guys are so sketchy on this damn thing

@RODEO5150 instead of getting defensive and snarky, why don’t you try reading the post again where I asked you the questions.

The reason mentioned a lack of understanding is because SRS is not a plug and play mod. It requires a little setting up and use of frequencies and the knee board if necessary to see which frequencies do what thing on the server.

You cannot speak to the awacs in anyway in SRS as its an AI flown plane and have to use the embedded communications menu within DCS itself. Srs is not used for this and the fact you can hear them talking away has no bearing on SRS at all.

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We have a winner.

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@RODEO5150 might just be confused that I merged a bunch of one-liners as he’s new to the forum software, so there’s no worries.

Could it be a radio tuning thing? In that you’re hearing the other channels due to the Easy Comms option, but then it still needs to be tuned to the right frequency to speak to someone. @RODEO5150 do you think your radio is tuned for COMM1 transmit and it’s something like that? (I don’t fly the F-15C so don’t know).

It also could just be people not wanting to reply. Places like hoggit are pretty friendly, so I imagine it depends on where you ask.


It might also depend on how you ask :wink:

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Did anyone mention that the new version of open beta coming out soon will have its own radio chat?