SSD prices and Uboats

I dunno where this ssd space is cheap argument is coming from. A 2tb drive is still like 400+ in Canada. Closer to 600+ if you want a Samsung drive from what I’ve seen.

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I mean, it depends on what sort of quality and base size you’re after. The price is sort of collapsing for SSD’s, even if not in USD.

2 years ago about $200 for 480GB, now about $70 CAD -

So I haven’t researched but is that drive any good? I mean Samsung SSDs are known to be really reliable.

I don’t know if that one is any good. On the Kingston and Adata seem to be a similar price of about $70 CDN for 480 GB, so I’d probably prefer those. They are a bit small but dead cheap.

I’m hoping for some good Amazon sales. A 2tb Samsung 860 Evo is on sale for $400 right now.

I don’t expect that to get mich better

The price is pretty flat for a while, so under $399 CDN would be good.

I guess it also comes down to a matter of perspective.
PC Part Picker has these stats.
Shows quite a drop in SSD cost over the last 18 months.
Especially for the 0.5/1/2 TB size drives.

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2TB? Why would you waste money on that? Price per GB goes from dropping to increasing after 1TB.

I have 3 SSDs and 1 HDD in my PC. Two SSDs are 1 TB (one is M2), one SSD is 512, and the HDD is a leftover old 1TB that keeps files but doesn’t run programs.
I never spent more than $200 on any SSD, that was my threshold. I got the 512 when it went below $200 (it’s an old 850 Evo), I got the 1TB WD Blue when it was below $200, and finally I got the 1TB 970 Evo when it dropped below $200.

Because some of us have limited space in our cases. My new computer only has room for 2 m.2 and 2 HDDs (or SSDs) so I chose to go with 4x 2TB drives. It isn’t a waste of money if it fits with your personal circumstances.


I paid $239 for my SanDisk Ultra3D 2TB SSDs…


If only I paid USD :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a darn good price!

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It probably cost tens-of-thousands dollars…but it could survive a nuclear blast…just say’n. :grin:


Hydraulic computing is used on some reactor control logic on subs, at least I’ve seen it in person on UK submarines. NAND and OR logic gates in pipes using liquid pressures. EMP proof, but a little bigger than using transistors. :slight_smile:

I should scroll up and see who’s topic we derailed so far - apologies to whoever it was. Um, sorry @trevorr610 :nerd_face:


Buying a PC that can hold more drives so you don’t need to buy overpriced drives seems more logical.

Thanks for the tip on that, might be time to replace the data HDD in my laptop.

I don’t think the world is quite as “one size fits all” as you seem to think it should be. Your arbitrary $200 price point works for you. Congratulations.

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Actually, you can get 2TB SSDs for under $200 US now; maybe not the best of the best, but still SSDs. NVMe, no less!

I should probably replace my last 1TB HDD with a greater capacity HDD, just hard to give up old things. Plus I’d have to upgrade my backup drive to reach the cap. :grimacing:


I think with NVMe I can understand paying the capacity vs performance tax a bit more, just because on a SATA6 you can easily fit in 6 of those tiny 2.5 inch suckers, but with most motherboards you’ll only get 2 NVMe slots, and even then the 2nd one tends to be a slower I/O.

Those Intel 660p’s are great value, for a read/write of ‘Up to 1800 MBps’, but spending a bit more gets you some nicer ones as well - Corsair do one with a 3480 MBps read due to MVMe 1.3.

Mind you, at these differences we’re getting to a point where it makes no realistic difference to any system. Windows booting in 2 seconds or 2.5 seconds etc. :slight_smile:


That’s kind of why I figure once you get into SSDs, especially modern ones, looking at various performance things only really matters in certain select applications. Especially true if you still remember HDDs and the various performance inhibits from them…