Star Citizen 3.0 Preview

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Are there going to be sharks with lasers?

I bought Star Citizen about 18 months ago, in a package, upgraded it twice since - and still have not the faintest idea what I’m doing in it.


When is the alleged release date?

No clue. I hope this year. The Alpha right now is nice and all, but I could use some more now. :slight_smile:

I think you meant to say “lasers”.


That’s okay, I think that puts you in the same boat as the developers.


That is me exactly. Not a bloody clue. I have walked around an empty hangar and attempted to open a door. That pretty much sums up 3 years of SC for me.

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Yeah - it was quite comical, the last and only second time I tried to do something in it.

I was running around this space city place, along with loads of other players and most of them were asking what they were supposed to do.

I think the correct answer is, “be in awe of Chris Roberts and what he’s done with our money.”


The live version should be ready for Gamescon. There will be a test release before that, most likely at the start of August.

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I can’t wait for the rage when everyone who has shelled out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on this is massively disappointed by the final product.

I mean, I really hope it turns out great. But the rage if it doesn’t will be delicious.

I think the point here is subtler.

Chris Roberts let the wild imagination and the speculation to run so frikkin’ wild with all the “Will be the best damn EVERYTHING simulator” (his own very words) that delusion will be a near certainty.
There’s not one over Hyped project that didn’t suffer from that.

Even the much lauded Half Life 2 was for many a massive disappointment; despite being widely known for being a staple of game design and production.

Really? You clearly played the game wrong. I had a lot of fun with it tbh.

Here’s my missions showcase video I did a while ago from SC 2.5.0 build.

Many people moan about SC but I’m optimistic about it. It’s huge undertaking and it has to take some time to make it.

I only own the base package of Aurora so I didn’t spent a fortune on it like many others. But it’s their choice and it seems like they want to support the game I guess.

When 3.0 arrives there will be plenty to do though.

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But what do you do? In one mode there’s this empty hangar with only the metalic sound of one’s boots to break the monotony. In another, there’s a space station with a lots of dead ends and a bar. The one time I managed to find myself in an Aurora I spent an hour trying to get the joystick set up. Oh to be 18 and to give a damn again!

I am in similar boat as a few here. Own the game, but almost 0 time invested in it.


From the sound of it we got the makings of a small armada here just looking for something to do. We could be a force in the galaxy…collectively. We just need a damn leader who knows the galaxy and how it all works. I am willing to be laser cannon fodder.

I guess I needed a “Start Here” menu button. Something to get the process rolling. The alpha release for any game is for players who are both enthusiastic and intelligent enough to figure things out on their own. I was neither in the case of SC. I am sure to be a fan once things gel into a release candidate.

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At least the controller set up is an improvement on what it was - or rather wasn’t!

Yeah, the “user-friendly” department was on vacation for the alpha releases. Hopefully with futher versions the UI will get better and all “game modes” will be eventually integrated into one cohesive gameplay experience.

I watched your video. Looked great.

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