Star Citizen 3.0 Preview


After playing Elite I now realize why SC has been such a struggle: I haven’t had access to the “persistent universe”. If you do (and I still don’t as of yet) it’s an entirely different game.


How does one get access to the persistent universe?


No idea. Maybe you have to have beta access. Secret handshake. Drink blue milk. Beats me!


I thought all those with a valid module had access to the release alpha branch of the PTU. Its the evocati (special guys with dev access) that has the current 3.0 build under NDA. Last time I played (over a year ago) I had access to the small persistent universe then with a few missions in.

So you should still have a small persistent universe to play in.


Milk I can do. Waffle. Would have to pass I am afraid.


I don’t mind blue milk

This looks interesting,but as usual download size is something I need to consider


3.0 is going to a new updating system. No longer will we be required to download a whole new build every time there is a patch. It should be updated like most game are with smaller incremental fixes and additions.


Yep, the video I posted was from from this small slice of PTU. It’s still availalble for everyone who owns at least one ship. The coming 3.0 is under test phase by evocati currently. It will be available for “normal” players in late August if everything goes as planned. It will be a huge step forward. We will se the planet tech (landing on moons for now), mission givers, trading, and much, much more.


You should see several options - Arena Commander is a “quick flight”, Star Marine is a FPS module, Crusader is the PTU slice shown in my vid. There is also a Hangar where you can check out your ships and some Corp level where you just walk around a part of some futuristic city.


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There is only one thing i can say at this point of time about Star Citizen.


I can’t find any news about a new kickstarter, so perhaps just a rumor spreading under its own power?

Star Citizen is taking a really long time. I enjoyed the 3.0 look (especially the planet tech), but other than that, just sort of get on with other stuff. At best they seem to be doing stuff in a really inefficient order (high effort assets before engine complete etc).

It’s always gets emotions running high. Let’s not turn here into a soapbox to call others criminals though.


Talk about SC, v3.1 inbound…



So… Is this thing playable yet, or nah? I bought a 325i or whatever and the Toyota Tundra or whatever during the initial rush, but I haven’t played with them since the “you can walk around and look at things in your hangar” days.


IMO, its a tech demo at best. But lets see what happens when 3.1 comes out


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Still an alpha for sure. If you have the time and inclination for the download then the planet stuff is now worth a look if you have a ship. It’s nicer on the planets than Elite, and the ships are detailed and you get space-legs, but apart from that is very raw. Like @Bogusheadbox said, a big ol tech-demo.

As for actual gameplay, the transport missions are really simple and then haven’t started the economy side. The main tech problems seem to be them optimizing the networking stuff, but it’s not something I had a problem with (maybe I got lucky, dunno, it seems number of players connected to the server dependent) - so basically this stuff here is playable.


Update 3.1 is now available :slight_smile:


Oh, nice!
Thanks for the news!