Star Citizen 3.0 Preview


3.1 has broken the game for me, crashes and very poor framerates


Lol I love it. Not even remotely playable and it worked better six years ago. There are people who have dropped over 1000$ on ships in this thing. It’s crazy.


try this

15,000 on accounts is not that uncommon.




Well, I met a few of those guys. And all of them really coyld spare the money, so I guess it is ok.
For me the line was at 200 bucks and that’s what I gave.
IMO I already have got the equivalent in entertainment value back so everything from now on is bonus. :slight_smile:


15k on a video game is ridiculous, but if you got the extra cash, I can’t really judge. I mean what’s really the difference between buying a 70-80k car, or getting a used Toyota for 5k? Personal preference and disposable income I’d say.


Yeah it is extreme, but one of those guys I met (19yrs old) drove his Maybach from Sweden to Cologne to attain the event (which was a lot of fun btw) so I just shrugged and said “cool”. :smiley:


If anyone has an axe to grind with a certain game or developer, please take it elsewhere.
It is perfectly ok to state changes in game performance after an update But if you need several posts to do it, it means you have reached the limit where you stopped contributing to the discussion.

Just a friendly reminder.

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Open again!




Well, let me know how it develops. I am going to remove it (once again) due to not really being a game there.

Once you guys start saying “look at this” I will re-download. Its taking up too much disk space for me to not be using it.

Fingers crossed for the future.