Star Citizen Alpha 3 AAR

Much like Bigfoot, Red Dead Redemption on the PC and the DCS Merge, some say that Star Citizen is more a legend than an actual game. Today marked the day when they said ‘I’m so tired, let’s just put it out there’ and released for testing to everyone (that has an account) a new test version.

This version features the updated graphics engine and the new procedural planet tech. You can read all about what is actually in it here:

It’s been months (years?) since I installed, so let’s give it a peek:

Ok, install time. Mmm, 15 GB, that’s not so bad…


Ah, the other 25 GB is the ‘patch’. For those with SSDs, the entire thing on disk comes in at just under 39 GB installed.


Let’s give the Universe a go.

Space Ports it is.

Wake up sleepy head…

The station smells of noodles. Cabbage and noddles. I’ll keep my helmet on.

Why, hello there!

Snazzy new interaction menus with a ‘Glowy Pipboy’ thing.

I remember this, it’s the ship ordering place.

Ah, my cheap old ship. I never spent any real money, so a bucket for me.

The station is a bit more lively now.

Out the airlock, remember where we parked.

Space is big. Big and dark. Mainly dark.

Hmm, I wish I had that one. Lend me a couple hundred bucks would ya?

Ok, DCS this isn’t let’s hit the button and light this one up.


A dodgy egress.

I can see my noodle machine from here!

Not much to look at, my crate.

The Glowy Pipboy looks good, but it’s hard to use. You need a dark room. Here’s the local system map:

Let’s head for ‘Daymar’ which I think is a desert planet. Sand gets everywhere, so let’s make the jump Chewie!

Punch it! Argh…


Ok, we’re here. Out of fuel already - what is this a F-350, I just left a gas station.

Nice planet graphics though.

Let’s head down.

Atmospheric planets, you seeing this Elite Dangerous? :slight_smile:

Let’s set down here, just about…


Or there. Hmm, I’m bouncing. Plus can’t turn off the engines.

Nope, I can’t land. Let’s head for a structure on the map. Maybe you need to use a pad or something?

Here’s one!

Almost there, when suddenly…

So, still very early days. Technically impressive but some obvious optimization to do in terms of framerates and the like. You can definitely see the bare bones of a game here, as the ships, planets and the like are fleshing out. Very alpha still, but nice to visit again.

See you next year, Star Citizens! :wink:


Nice summary of some gameplay. I swear, I think I have 100+ e-mail in my account from Roberts Space Industries that I haven’t read…game updates, offers, outlooks. It was something I bought into at some level a couple years ago…I honestly can’t remember what I bought.


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Probably the base $50 thingy for the single ship? It’s really only been released for some community testing. The framerate was pretty bad, and obviously I crashed out, so not stable as yet. I played it ‘cold’ in that I hadn’t looked up how to do things or what people are doing to land properly etc.

As you also own Elite Dangerous but haven’t installed that either, you should play that first. By the time you’ve got through that then this one will be ready. :slight_smile:

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Oh man…let me dive into my e-mail archive. LOL…

Err…maybe this might take a minute…


Oh…I have this…I don’t know what that gives me…LOL…

The bottom one is the starter spaceship, called the ‘Aurora MR’, which is all I have. That means you can download and install this test version if you want. Game downloader here:

Plus, you have Space Globes, what’s not to like? :slight_smile:

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I think that is a good thing. Maybe. Depends.

I think my wife needs to get that Princess Leah outfit out again.


So I figure out how to land and get out, so thought it deserved a few more screens just to be fair. It’s interesting to compare the graphics with Elite and the like.

Let’s try a different planet. Somewhere not so warm and sandy.

Hmm, this is a little colder than I’d like. Looking for a Goldilocks mod on these planets.

Mind you, pretty down low.

Action shot of the barge coming in to land.

So what you have to do (thanks RandomStranger#1 on the F12 chat in-game) you have to hit ‘Power Off’ with the ‘F’ interaction key (pay respects etc) and then press ‘H’ to get out of the damn chair.

"We don’t even know if there’s air out there…’

It was fine. Still wearing the helmet from the station smell.

Ok, there’s an Emergency Station nearby, remember where we parked.

It’s not exactly Vegas is it?

View is nice though.

Hello? Anyone there? I hate space games, I always think something is going to jump out at me.

No sign of life, let’s do this.

Oh no, an airlock. I bet I get jumped on.

So, in summary, it’s sort of a portacabin, on ice.

Place looks trashed. If everyone did there fair share etc.

Thick glass effect is nice. Frosty out there though.

Let’s take the helmet off, I can’t spot any noodle machines as yet.

My new home!

The server has been pretty good, people must be asleep now. Stable connection and FPS so far on 2nd attempt tonight. Nice.


Ok, last one but it’s better than I expected. That cold place was called ‘Yela’, and as there is only one more planet to visit, let’s go there.

On leaving Yela, there was a nice surprise of a decent sunset. It’s actually a really nice looking game so far.

Ok, off to Cellin, which is an airless moon apparently. Here we are, one short Quantum Drive later.

Let’s go visit the “family farm” location. Sounds intriguing on an airless moon.

System cruise takes a long time, like minutes. Oh the humanity.

Ok, the award for ‘Worse Place to put a Farm’ goes to:

Nice steam geysers blasting away, I guess the farm is geothermal?

Evidence of green fingers!

Still a nice looking game.

Mom & Pop obviously not here, but you can see their workshop.

Hmm, melon. Such a great choice of where to grow stuff as well.

Never leave your password on a sticky note on the computer!

Uh, oh, Pop has been hitting the pop pretty hard.

Lots of rooms in this one. Let’s check out the storage.

Mom, is apparently a competitive gamer.

A trading console, nice!

Ok, so some game. Here’s where you can buy/sell produce and then ship stuff offworld, I guess for profit.

So, some trading in there as well. I like the console interaction bit, makes it seem more ‘real’ with the ‘walk into ships’, ‘walk up to console’ sort of thing.

I’m definitely warming to this.


That looks pretty cool. Did you murder anyone yet?


Only my poor Nvidia 1070. I think the reason it is running so well for me is that the planets are so large and that the chances of running into people is so small unless you try to. The networking is not so good for 8 or more people, so lots of optimization in that area still needed.

The Star Marine portion of the game is a first person shooter. They plan to offer a single player game called ‘Squadron 42’ that takes all this and puts you in a combined FPS plus Space Combat sort of game. The same Universe is then used for the persistent MMO part. It doesn’t lack for ambition or late delivery :slight_smile:

Here’s the star map. It shows the ‘Stanton’ system with the planet ‘Crusader’. I’ve been calling them planets, but they are actually just the first three landable moons.

Starspike, mudcitizen?

I have a cutlass, may have to dowload.

Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts s i also haven’t played for years.

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Anyone mind sharing SC Usernames, so if we are in game we can say hi? Mine is DarthStarKiller (someone already took Star Lord :laughing:)

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Man I can’t wait to try it again.
I had a blast with the last versions even though they were bugged as hell.
But that’s what I signed up for, a real Alpha version. Unlike others who just label their beta versions “Alpha” for marketing purposes.
It sure takes long but IMO they are on a good way.

…my PC can’t handle it right now though… another reason to get a new one soonish…

Plus, you have Space Globes, what’s not to like? :slight_smile:

Do these come in pairs?

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This is exactly how a friend and I got stuck on our ship’s toilets for a good 5 to 10 minutes a few releases ago.

Star Citizen’s certainly becoming impressive visually- I hope that they get the hint and realize that, fairly soon, the game’s going to need depth. Landing on Planet type B no. 5 and finding an abandoned farming station sounds cool… the 25th time over, nobody’s home, and it’s the same copy-pasted facility? (No, I don’t mean pre-fab, I mean literally the same facility- same crates knocked over, etc). That gets boring.


I think the game has great potential.
Right now it is just a tech demo, but I like it a lot.

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Whooo? :slight_smile:

Good idea, updated mine here - please add: