Star Wars Squadrons

Looks so good! I’ve bought it on PS4 to play with PSVR with a tflight 4 which looks so good in this video, and also on PC to play in 2D.


Does the PC version support VR?

Yes it does!

We all should get this. If only to entice them to make more of it.


Yep it does! Full HOTAS support too!


Preordered and waiting…

Remember when flying CAS in the X Wing, you press DMS aft long to set the proton torpedoes’ SPI…


Or just use the force…

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Just mute his voice and its a decent preview.
But for an “influencer”, what a tool.

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I am carefully optimistic about this one.
Despite it being Star Wars (so physics is not a thing basically) this looks fun.
I did like XWA and similar games.

I have a bad feeling that this is going to be one of those times Greenman Gaming distributes their keys late, I wind up buying the game twice because I can’t wait a few hours and give the other copy away :smiley:

Isn’t that a prerequisite these days to be a YT “influencer”?

I’ve been watching this since the announcement. After getting burned before, I’m going to wait and see what actual release reviews say from folks who played the X-Wing series, instead of EA’s fan club- especially since it seems to be lacking much in the SP side. Hope it matches up to the hype - we really need a worthy successor to the X-wing series.


Yes a worthy successor would be nice, my expectations for this are as follows: slightly better than space combat in Battlefront.

It’s a low bar so hopefully they clear it and it’s not just a space only version of what exists in the EA Battlefront games already.

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pretty interesting, I think I started the video at the right spot, if not it’s at around 10:30 it’s a talk with Creative Director at MOTIVE Studios Ian Frazier. Says a lot of things that seem good at least.

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Unfortunately I have to work tomorrow but after that its on!

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Just played on PSVR for 2 hours and wow… This is good!!

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what are you using for controls on it?

Played about an hour or so, seems good. Is actually pretty difficult on the highest settings. Just using an Xbox gamepad, yeah it works.

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I’m using the only HOTAS that works on the PS4, the Thrust master Tflight 4. The only thing is I have to use the joystick on my desk so I’m quite far forward and in game I’m really far forward in the cockpit.

Requested my refund this morning. The yaw axis in this game doesn’t recognize the fact that most rudder pedals can move in two directions… therefore, it appears that I can only turn in one direction. If you have a joystick twist stick, the issue can be circumvented… but if you’re like me and you have a non-twist Warthog with rudder pedals… you’re boned.


Yeah, that doesn’t sound great. I’ve requested a refund too on the PC version as the VR version on PS4 is so good I can’t play it in 2D lol

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