Star Wars: The Last Jedi Discussion Thread (with Spoilers)

Slightly off topic,

But I watched return of the Jedi with the kids (It WAS for the kids) and I noticed a little change. Anyone remember when it was first released. After Vader croaks it right at the end of the movie, obi Wan and Darth re-appear before luke in “Spectral form”

Well they have changed the movie now. The guy playing Darth at the time was the old spectral form and they cut his old self out and replaced him with the new and young Vader from the prequel movies.

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That’s one of more than a dozen changes. And some of them are really…weird.
There are YT videos around with all the changes.

I disliked that change. Why not showing Yoda young too? Or Ben Kenobi?

Meh… Also nuking “Yub Nub” from Return of the Jedi was a terrible, terrible choice.
My inner child grew up with that and sufddently it was yanked away-

Really, small-screw that.

PS: In case you heathens forgot “Yub Nub”, this was it…


Same for the abysmal new song in Jabba’s palace. Old Sy Snootles was way cooler.
Also the added “Noooo” for Vader. Embarrassing. As if the audience were idiots and his looks and deeds weren’t showing he dislikes Palpatine killing his son…


Thoroughly concur.

I quite hated the “revamped” 3D Sarlacc pit.


That’s funny because that particular one is actually something I don’t mind too much. The new CGI tentacles looked a bit more menacing tuan those few old rubber ones.
The beak thing was in the original concept art and they added it later because they couldn’t do it earlier. The CGI was far from perfect but still OK in my book.
I admit that not knowing what is under the hole in the ground did add a mysterious component to it so IMO they could have left it how it was as well.

Oh and btw did you know the Chewbacca costume caught on fire during that scene?

Hehe, like it wasn’t hot wnoughy… Thanks, I didn’t know. :slight_smile:

Ugh, that music video sequence was so bad. And it really took away from the bit with the Twi’lek dancer trying to resist Jabba.

And don’t get me started on the Gungans screaming, “we’sa free!” when the scene on Naboo was added.

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If there’s a species I wouldn’t mind to see annihilated it’s the Gungans.

But surely the worst change of any of the “special editions” was the Han solo greedo shootout in the bar scene… In my mind Han always shoots first … Lol


Let’s call what it REALLY was.

Only Solo ever shot. Period.
His first shot was the only one needed. Greedo was dead before he hit the table.

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Also the best film (in my opinion) the empire strikes back was also the one with the least changes … Just a few extra scenes of cloud city are the only changes I remember

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According to what version you have, it is kind of true.

Mine too.

While I generally agree, “Returns of the Jedi” final space battle in and around Death Star 2.0 sports the best VFX of the original trilogy and nowadays still elates me most.


Return does indeed have the best space battle …but the battle of hoth does it for me every time :grin:

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You all obviously watched it very closely. I’m impressed! The whole thing was a fog to me. But my daughter and I walked out having mostly enjoyed it as a visual feast. The funny thing about these films is how much like junk food they are. In the moment, you are enjoying yourself. But given some time, the indigestion begins to set in. During the big freeze last weekend we watched the originally trilogy yet again. We even talked my wife into sitting in with us to watch “Empire” (the best of the bunch of course). They certainly aren’t fine dining either but the satisfaction survives the credits. Sorry for the food clichés. I must be hungry.


I give you something- all things excluded, the artistry (can I use this word?) of “The Last Jedi” is stunning.

Just as with “The Force Awakens” many scenes are crafted, yes crafted, with passion, attention to detail and unquestionable amazeballs skill.

Some still-frames can actually look like paintings.

One of the final scenes with all the remaining rebels just chatting is very close to the luminance and ambiance of a reinassance painting.
Am I exaggerating? Maybe, but the visual mastery is second to none.

Now, if they could also hire some proper writer that’d be great…


agree with kome!


Best shot of a grounded inverted Super Star Destroyer ever projected!

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