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OK, let’s put all of this into a single category.

Also, hello there!


This is the way.


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:
Ewan (and Hayden) are back! This looks epic.

Not gonna lie, I’m excited for this, but for the love of the Force, can we PLEASE have stories based on planets that aren’t Tatooine?


If they spin off stories based on characters that were known to be there, like Obi Wan and Boba Fett, it’s harder to manage.

Good chance Asohka won’t be going there, though.

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I’m hoping as Jorus C’Baoth. Or Joruus. Either or, at this point.

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If he’s not going to be called Del Orean I’m going to be very grumpy.


Tem por’al

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Darth Krugeus

First off, ugh.

Second off, does Ewan McGregor ever age??

Gonna have to clear the entire day… Top Gun and Obi Wan premiering on the same day (unless Top Gun gets an early Wednesday release). My May 27 would go something like this:
Drop kids at school.
Knock out both Obi Wan episodes
Pick kids up at 3pm
Dust off the leather bomber jacket
Throw on a post-volleyball white t-shirt
Evening show of Top Gun Maverick

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Might you not want to spread that out a bit so as not to burn all the nice shiny in one day?

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I am on holiday with the family the day it releases. First world problem i know but still


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nice! I love that character, and the actress looks just like my mental picture of her.


The big question is …. Is Thrawn going to be in the series and who can they get to play him … my vote would go for Benedict cumberbatch

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Ooh thats a great question.

So great in fact, i stopped what i was doing for 10 mins and really thought about it.

And im stumped.

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Rumor I’ve heard is Lars Mikkelsen, older brother of Mads Mikkelsen and also the voice actor from Rebels, will be playing him.

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