Starway's Green Thunder Texture Mod - Vietnam in the Caucasus

Starway has a new texture mod coming that will convert the current look an feel of the DCS World Caucasus map into something that feels more like Vietnam.

Looking pretty good! Word is that it will be released in a few days. DCS Forums thread: here!


At first I thought that it was just a repackaging of his original Vietnam mod (below). But, he says that it was created from scratch. Great!


Its released. Version 1.0 available here


Whoa. That’s pretty darn cool.

The download link on Starway’s website leads to a media fire page saying that the file is no longer on media fire is there a new download location for the mod if so can anyone please lin the new location
thank you

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Welcome to mudspike, @hanibal34. I’m sorry to say that this was for an old version of DCS. Since the Caucasus area was massively updated, this does not work anymore. That is why the author likely pulled it offline. Starway did make a texture pack for the new 2.5 updated Caucasus, but nothing in a south-east Asian style anymore.


ah thank you for this information

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