Upuaut's Bell-47G/H-13 Sioux for DCS World - Teaser

Nothing would make me happier! :smiley:

I’ll ask, again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not trying to sound ungrateful for the work until now. More of a “in a perfect world” scenario. I’d happily fly a spanking new Bell 47.

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no worries :wink:


It truly is a marvelous machine and quite a bit different to the huey FM


Thanks @Cib.

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Working for the wife- can’t check… is it for download yet?

Yes. If you follow @Cib’s link, Upaut’s signature has a link to his Dropbox folder. Look in the JSGME_mods folder.

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Had a quick flight with the Bell-47 - wow, great fun! I love the Huey, so it’s an easy bird to like. Very controllable, feels and looks great.

It is a little confusing to get set up on this, so here’s my steps:

  • Upuaut’s dropbox folder with the mod is closed now, due to too many downloads. I grabbed it from a mirror on Google Drive from here:


  • You’ll need winrar to extract that, as it was zipped with a pretty old zip version header, so the file is fine but you might need another tool than 7zip to get at it.

  • The .rar file doesn’t have install instructions (I think they are in the original dropbox that we can’t get to), but here’s what I did to get it to work (if you aren’t using JGSME):

(a) In your DCS install (Open Beta or Alpha, although I’ve just tried the Beta) in your ‘Mods/aircraft’ folder create an entry called ‘Bell47_2’.

(b) Un-rar everything from that google drive download into the folder, i.e. so it has subdirectories like ‘cockpit’ etc.

© (Optional step) - download the zip and follow the instructions in her, to fix a game crash issue (literally):


(d) Copy your Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H\bin directory to your new Mods\aircraft\Bell47_2 folder (so it has a \bin folder too). You need a valid copy of the Huey to fly, as it’s a tweaked model. If you don’t have the Huey you can use it as AI though.

Now just create a mission, map some controls and fly. It’s a really nice helo, great for viewing and in VR (cockpit has great visibility of course). If you equip in the right most station in the mission editor ‘weapons’, you can even choose a medvac MASH style pod. Obviously this works and looks great with Starways Vietnam map mod as well. Thanks for letting us all know about this @EightBall.




Thanks for doing the @fearlessfrog legwork! Great little helicopter. I wish that the trim worked like the Huey, but all in all, a fantastic free add-on to DCS. IMO, for those whom don’t have a RAR management utility, the best please to get WinRAR is



Man, Oh Man! What a blast! Sideways 10 feet off the ground and dodging bullets. She is a real grin maker. I had a go last night in VR. Loved it! At first I could not figure out how to get her to work but found this thread and Boom! I was flying. Thank you fearlessfrog!!
This should have been ED’s first chopper. Its light, its maneuverable, its FAST… Ok, its not fast. But its great fun.
I for one would love to see an armed version.

Big Thanks to all who made this possible.


And now I broke it. I added the crash fix (it was crashing the game a lot). Now the darn thing would not even start. I ended up taking it out of the game. No joy…

you replaced the bin folder again?

Yes, cib. I did. Still no joy. Its sad. I had such a good time with it… I will try to fix it again tonight.

Has anyone figured out how to get trim to work?

Hey guys,
I got it working. Just followed fearlessfrog’s instructions. The “fix” is just not working for me. If I crash the chopper, It crashes the game (weird).
Trim works for me. It is an On/Off switch. Its not trim like in an airplane. I basically fly along and get the aircraft flying level, I then hit trim. This enables me to loosen up all the forward pressure I have on the stick. There is roll trim. Onece it trims, it flies nicely and I can make small corrections. When I am done cruising I then disable trim to gain control of the aircraft again. I cant remember the right names for the commands but here is what you can do. Go the commands and search “trim”. You should have 3 commands. One toggles the Master trim (on the dashboard), one enables trim (On the stick) and another command disables it.
Last night I had quite a blast flying around the Nevada map. This chopper is an absolute blast and the easiest to fly in the sim by far. Later, I was in Normandy flying through the hangar tents. Whooo hooo!
So now for my question… How do I get the weapons to show up? I think you only get ambulatory stretchers and the crop dusters. I would like to check them out but cant figure out how to enable them.

Good day!

Well, just don’t crash the helicopter then! That’s “hard mode” :smiley:

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OK, thanks @Maico. I need to look at my control mappings again. I used the UH-1 version as a template, but am obviously missing something.

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