I’ve been playing around with this for a couple of hours:

looks promising, who wants to conquer the solar system with science?


Looks pretty cool

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It looks nice. Comparable to Astroneer? Maybe Stationeers is more minecrafty, although the cell-shading graphics make it looks similar.

It’s more space engineers, but everything has the capacity to kill you.

Well that definitely looks interesting. I might be down for some base building.

I think I’ll skip the purchase, I’ll watch the Martian a few times and drink some beer… At lease I know HE won’t keep dying

Had a good time last night with @near_blind, @AeroMechanical, and @Rhinosaurus with this game. After a couple of disastrous first starts, I’m looking at you Near_Blind, we finally got a little moon base up and mostly running.
It definitely has the feel of space engineers, but it seems more intuitive. The science alone is brilliant, ice melts when it is warm, and puddles in the floor when there is pressure. Air flows like it should, and the thermodynamics seem to work as well.
There is still a lot of things that need work, and implemented, but over all, I’m going to find myself spending many hours with this one.

As a side note, don’t pop a road flare in an all oxygen environment; not that anyone did that last night.


Is anyone running a server? Or curating the saves? Would be nice to get “MoonSpike” going :wink:

@near_blind setup a local server that we were running on. I’m sure we will be back on today sometime, feel free to join us.
As a side note, if you see Near_Blind pick up a flare, smack his hand.


Research into the matter has yielded that putting our solid-burning generator and metal smelter in the same chamber that contains atmosphere we would like to breathe with no venting or filtration system wasn’t the best idea either.


Depends on how you define best.

I thought it was sweet when near blind tested the flush function haha. That and the combo of not so great air was just reward for testing volatiles inside.

I’ve kept the productive save known as “near_blind doesn’t blow everything up” saved, though as mentioned there’s the small problem that the atmosphere is toxic :smiley: My understanding is there is no dedicated at the moment, once we get one I’m totes mah gotes interested in hosting.


perhaps we should move those outside the main area, or to a sectioned off area of the base. I’m looking forward to doing some more work on the base.

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Sounds fun, will try to pop over a little later on. :grin:

Ok I couldn’t resist, downloading now.

Also space engineers is only $10!

With all the talk of people and resources falling into giant holes tonight it made me think of this.


Bathophobic here … thanks for the nightmare fuel Andrew.

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Well thanks to watching you guys last night I have a start to a base now. Solar panels and generator are connected to the power regulator and charger. Batteries don’t charge very well. Started some airlock work but I’m hindered until I sort the fuel and power problems. Still better then I did last night.

Where do you guys get your Stationeers build information? Like how to connect things and what things you should connect, etc.