Steam Sale 2016 - June 23 - July 4?

Good old paypal for leaking the info I guess?

Maybe Valve will move it a day just to be edgy now.


some call it leak, others call it marketing


Would have to do the math, i.e. Number of new people/revenue not knowing about Steam or the sale that learn of it via this vs Number of people/revenue not buying stuff on Steam for a week because they think a sale is coming up… :slight_smile:


Well, if the choice is between bread for your children, and a few more games that you don’t have time to play anyway so they’ll just gather virtual dust in your Steam collection…

Besides, full bellies are sooooo overrated!


My poor wallet…

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Cities Skylines Snowfall DLC
Witcher 3

…and a dozen others on my wish list.

Think this might be my most successful steam sale yet. Not much on the list. I mean wish list has like 40 items but don’t think I really am that serious about anything.

Really need to keep the funds for a computer upgrade. New GPU, CPU, mobo and ram are going to run me about $1600 because of the shitty CAD.

Well well well… this is one of those times in life when I realise I’m (sort of) an adult.

I know I have accumulated such a games backlog between Steam, Uplay, Origin,, Humble Bundle, and many more that I’m honestly at peace with myself.
I know I will not buy anything.


That and the fact that I’m quite literally on the verge of bankruptcy. :scream:

And also have to scrape together spare change to buy the spare parts for the Warthog… :persevere:

I wonder if Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dirt will be reduced in price even more during one of those “Flash sale during the sale”-things…
I doubt it though, they are pretty new. What do you guys think? Buy or wait for the last day? Last time I waited I had a problem with buying because of overload and ended up missing a purchase during the sale completely.

Doesn’t look like there are flash sales. Just one big constant sale. Unless they plan to add some here and there.

Bought four games so far:

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can’t be that bad for 3€

Not on sale but this looks awesome. I might pick this up soon.

by the way, if you guys have trading cards for the sale that you don’t want, I’d be happy to take them. I like getting at least the first level badge in each of the sales if I can.

anyone have this? Is it any good, seems interesting.

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I actually got that last night, @Mudcat. I only have about 20 minutes on it but it seems funny. The reviews are apperently great.

I got it last night too

I also have Simple Planes on my wishlist, but I wonder if I can do anything there that I can’t do in KSP with all the plane part mods and aerodynamics mods there are.

Yep, me too - keen to hear what @Sryan and @Rhinosaurus think of it.

Soo… I installed Dirt Rally. It took half of a day to download.

…but it doesn’t work. Steam starts drt.exe, then there is a small splash screen for… perhaps 100 milliseconds and then it is gone without any error code or something. Any idea what I should do?

EDIT: Already tried letting Steam check the locla files, everything ok it seems.