Steam sales started!

Oh gods…


Just got Overload, a cool spiritual successor to Descent from Parallax Software.


I’ve got my eye on ‘bad gateway 502’. Is usually available in the first hour of every Steam sale, so grab it quick… :wink:


I was hoping that Total War Three Kingdoms would be more than 10% off. I always love the idea of the Total War games, and buy them, but never play them :slight_smile:


Topped up my Aerofly FS2 library, and bought Onward…


[email protected]@king for something in VR for my young 6-11 yr old niece’s and nephews…any suggestions ? Thank You

Don’t forget Fanatical, greenmangaming, etc. They sometimes have things cheaper than Steam.

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I bought this, as I enjoyed the first two parts:

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Well priced too :rofl:

I’ve been playing “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.” since Thursday. I’m ready for some DLC already…


Total War: THREE KINGDOMS | PC Steam Game | Fanatical three kingdoms (using the code) is $45.89 USD.

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Fanatical is often better than steam these days. They offer coupons after purchases so you can save more doing multiple purchases.

Anyone interested in some coop (or vs) mayhem… Overcooked 2 is a great deal at fanatical right now. There’s 3 of us Spikers who have it now.

Fanatical10 for your first purchase for 10% off, then most purchases seem to earn a coupon for 15%.

Anyone playing evenings EST interested in this? I have massive interest but playing tons of public games is just going to result in a lot of griefers :frowning:

but groups of 8 spikers… so much delicious backstabbery :smiley:



I ordered this:

Looking forward to play it when I retire in 30 years. Why am I doing this?


How’re you liking it?

Haven’t had a chance to try it yet :slight_smile:

I like contractors better than onward myself. Seems more polished.

It’s £29.99 on cd keys or £35 with the Yellow Turban DLC, which is the version I bought. Steam key.

How is it? I used to do Descent LAN parties back in the 90s, that game was awesome for it!
Then I played Descent 3 coop with a friend and really love that.

Does it have MP with bots or coop for the campaign, or is it SP campaign and human-only MP?